Our Top 5 Romantic Movies (and the watches that should have been in them)...

Whether its Valentines or Palentines for you this week, here is our curated list of top 5 Romantic Movies, that have both intrigued and inspired us.
And if we were in charge of the costumes, the watches that we would dress the protagonist's in. 

  1. The Before Trilogy. 


The Before trilogy (1995-2013) is made up of three films directed by Richard Linklater, spanning the evolving love story between lovers Jesse (Ethan Hawke) and Celine (Julie Delpy.) Both filmed and set at nine-year intervals, each film exhibits the pairs’ eternal love, from its origins through to its culmination 18 years later. Linklater is both honest and mysterious in his show of growing love. Julie Delpy’s outfit in the first of the three films - Before Sunrise - speaks of effortless elegance. Tousled hair, Red lip, and a simple T-shirt under a chocolate brown ankle-length dress. The missing element: Our beacon of sophisticated simplicity, The Hesse


    2. Call Me by Your Name. 


Call Me by Your Name (2017), directed by Luca Guadagnino is a coming-of-age romantic drama film based on the 2007 novel of the same name by Andre Aciman. This film is the last installment in Guadagnino’s thematic “Desire” trilogy, after the equally intriguing I Am Love (2009), and A Bigger Splash (2015). Guadagnino transports us to the Northern-Italian summer of 1983 where we watch the simultaneously unravelling and evolving relationship between 17- year-old, Elio Perlman (Timothee Chalamet), and Oliver (Armie Hammer), the 24-year-old graduate student assisting Elio’s father who is an archeology professor. The film is harrowing, inspiring and wonderful. The love-story is enveloped in the sound of cicadas and splashing water as well as the scent of hot grass and fresh tomatoes. Olivers’ crisp linen shirt and shorts against the warm peach tones of the movie would be perfectly complemented by our Scala timepiece from the Milan Collection.  


    3. Her. 

Her (2013), written, directed, and produced by Spike Jonze is an American science-fiction romantic drama divulges the confusing love between Theodore Twombly (Joaquin Phoenix), and Samantha (Scarlett Johansson), an artificially intelligent virtual assistant personified through a female voice. Set in a near future Los Angeles, Theordore is lonely and introverted, unhappy due to his impending divorce. The love grows through Theordores fascination with Samantha's ability to learn and advance psychologically. Theodore’s norm-core style consisting of a red or white shirt and wool twill trousers should have been accompanied by our Brera timepiece from The Milan collection. 


    4. The English Patient.

The English Patient (1996) directed by Anthony Minghella is a British-American epic romantic war drama film based on the 1992 novel of the same name by Michael Ondaatje. The film shows a story of four people finding themselves in an abandoned villa in Northern-Italy in the last months of World War II. The namely English Patient, features a man (Ralph Fiennes) burned beyond recognition who speaks to the young nurse caring for him in a series of flashbacks encompassing his true identity and the love affair with Katherine (Kristin Scott Thomas) which he was involved in before the war. The movie inspires with raw and passionate story-telling. Katherines outfits poignantly distill timeless elegance which is what our Valere timepiece similarly aims to do. The glowing Valere against Katherines soft white muslin wraps and burberry beige coats is the perfect missing piece. 


    5. Sliding Doors.

Sliding Doors (1998) written and directed by Peter Howitt, is a romantic comedy-drama starring Gwyneth Paltrow (Helen Quilley) and John Hannah (James Hammerton). Alternating between two storylines, two potential paths, the film displays the juxtaposing destinies of the central character’s life, all depending on whether or not she catches a particular train. Helen drops an earring in the lift and a man picks it up for her- it is her reaction to this simple interaction that dictates her eventual life path. This film is thought provoking in a light and entertaining way. Gwyneth Paltrow's style throughout Sliding Doors is consistently striking and sophisticated. Her bleach blonde pixie cut sits above a charcoal turtleneck leading down to a full-length leather trench. Always dressed in fitted black silhouettes, the suave-styled character Helen would suit our rich dark timepiece, The Russi from our Geneva collection.

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