5 Questions With Melbourne-Based Photographer

5 Questions With: Ruby Ryan
Melbourne-Based Photographer

We catch up with Ruby Ryan, one of our favourite local photographers.

What have you got coming up? 

While photography will always be my main focus, videography is picking up this year so I have learnt some valuable skills for my clients though exploring that. I enjoy the process of videography and helping my clients bring their vision to life, using my eye and experience in photography to create great videos just makes sense.

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What kind of work do you enjoy most?

I love shooting beauty and editorial. I've got some really exciting fashion clients that I work with regularly & fashion is fun because we always have a big team to collaborate with and lots of creativity. I'm really looking forward to shooting more beauty brands and high-end beauty content, this year. I think there will be a creative surge in 2021, which will bring more shoots and collaborations.

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What's your dream job? 

Mecca is a dream client of mine and something I'll be working towards - so keep an eye out!

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What inspires your work?

Locations are big for me. Whenever I see a really cool location (in real life or online), I get so inspired and think of my clients and how I can add these really inspiring visuals to their shoots too. Pinterest & Instagram are great too, as I'm so inspired by other creatives work. I love some of the locations The 5TH shares on their instagram - so cool!


Melbourne has been in and out of lockdown a lot. Have you found anything positive that's come out of such a unique experience? If so, tell us about it? 

I found that I've come out of this tragedy with lots of positive experiences, mainly in the form of life lessons. I would say that learning to live day-to-day has been a big learning curve, rather than trying to look so far into the future. It’s really made me slow down - which I am usually not good at haha! - And forced me to appreciate the days as they came, not knowing what could happen tomorrow. I am really into planning so this has been difficult for me! It has also helped me to realise what makes me happy and what is important to me, and that doing things for myself is a positive.

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