Our Story

We are The 5TH, a contemporary Melbourne based watch company, offering timeless designs in small, limited runs. With a focus on exceptional quality and impeccable details, our timepieces are a guiding accessory that subtly elevate the wearer's image now, and for the time to come.


It all began with time well spent

The 5TH was first formed by a question: How do we make the most of our time, and what constitutes as time well spent? Melbourne based entrepreneur Alex McBride began to explore these questions in a blog dedicated to a well designed life, known as The Fifth.


The timepiece that changed the times

The 5TH releases its first timepiece, the Rose Gold & Peach, the embodied the values of good design and time well spent. It sold out in under an hour, and marked the inception of the 5TH Watches.


In a New York minute our second city collection lands

The 5TH’s second city collection arrives, designed to mirror the sleek architecture and fast-pace of NYC.


An iridescent timepiece inspired by a design icon

The 5TH launches the Bilbao Collection, featuring a tactile mesh strap, inspired by Frank Gehry’s iridescent Guggenheim.


Time to: make a move

The 5TH moves into a fresh space which doubles as a showroom to foster local creative talent.


A journey to the home of watchmaking

The 5TH’s founder Alex McBride takes a trip to the home of watch making -Switzerland, where new ideas are born.


An elevated bracelet style

The 5TH announces it’s first city collection in two years. The elegant Geneva Collection.


A limited capsule collection of Swiss Made styles

The 5TH unveil a special limited edition capsule of Swiss Made styles, designed in collaboration with world class watch-makers.


Meet us at the 5th arrondissement

The 5TH’s first collection to feature a classic rectangle dial goes live. Bienvenue to: the Paris Collection