5 Inspirational Fashion Shows from Prada's Archives

As fashion goes in cycles, we love looking back to specific decades for inspiration. In this Journal article, we are dial back to the decade of Miuccia Prada’s designs spanning the 90’s through to early 2000s. And of course, we suggest the watches we think would go perfectly with each collection.

There is a shared thread that runs through this time period at Prada. These shows are eternal elegance with focus on materiality. Whether you are in sportswear or your best dress, there is always a way to look elegant and sophisticated and Miuccia Prada shows us how to do this best. Prada uses simple yet inventive silhouettes that carry and combine dreamy garments made of silk, structured sets and sportswear, always inspiring elegance and class. 


1. Prada SS 1993 Ready to Wear. 

Delving a little further into the past, Prada SS 1993, the wistful show that prioritises fun and sophisticated elements in single sweeping looks. Muccia showcases a summer of love with topstitched suedes and leather daisy chokers. There is an elegant spin on hippy/festival elements such as daisy chains which become leather belts, chokers and arm bands, the raffia crochet gown and haute hula-like skirts. By keeping the pallet neutral and confining the garment materials to pure linen, suede, leather and cotton, there is a balance maintained between frivolity and refinement. These looks would pair perfectly with the ‘Andress’ watch from our Geneva collection.

Prada 1993Prada 1993


2. Prada. SS 1995 Ready to wear

Dialling back to late 90’s Prada. SS 1995 Ready to wear was the show where Miuccia Prada showed us how to achieve sophisticated elegance with a simple wash of silk. Where the silk slip once stood as a mere undergarment, this show reminds us of the slip as its own entity. The versatile perfection of silk is embodied in various forms, there are the fine silk knit tanks and collared T-shirts, The pleated oyster organza skirts and then the tailored organza silk slip. This show worships the transformative material of silk, exhibiting it as a layer among tight collared knits, hot pants and most notably, on its own - simply paired with a fine strapped sandal. Our blushing timepiece ‘Starlet’ from our Geneva collection, would compliment this shows silky compositions with perfect poise.

Prada 1995Prada 1995Prada 1995


3. Prada SS 1999 Ready to wear. 

A uniquely transitional show, where 3 delineated moods carry the viewer through an athletic moment with fanny packs and nylon vests, heavy linen tailored bermudas and vests and finally the hippy elegance hybrid moment. Prada notes “My collection included all the cliché’s of hippie fashions such as mirrors and flowers, but totally destroyed them at the same time, in reality, it was the least hippie collection imaginable.” The show feels like an immersive journey through one girls closet- where her distinct style permeates each facet of her wardrobe, from her sportswear through to her day-time best. This imaginary ‘IT girl’ would surely have a ‘Russi’ watch from our Geneva collection in her wardrobe too...

Prada 1999Prada 1999Prada 1999


4. Miu Miu SS 2003 - ‘Prada’s little sister’

Miu Miu, often referred to as ‘Prada’s little sister’ exhibited a fresher, more girly side to Miuccia’s design. SS 2003 showed an amalgamation of bright colour, high hemlines, and pattern in a completely wearable way. The hibiscus and banana print through to the leaf cut out skirt suggested a hawaiian tropical theme which was somewhat subverted by cosy elements of layered v-neck knits and the classic ‘knitters bag’ silhouette (image 3). The purple hibiscus print from this show would style well with the orange and purple two-toned ‘Spirit’ watch from our Optimism collection.

Miu Miu 2003Miu Miu 2003Miu Miu 2003


5. Prada. SS 2003 Ready to wear. 

Spring 2003, another favourite Prada season where Muccia creates a fuse of colour, sport and ‘60s silhouettes into luxurious harmony. This collection uses sporty elements in a fresh and unique way. Gisele Bündchen opens with hybrid vintage flight goggles thrust atop her head, a swimsuit-esque tank and chartreuse coloured duchesse satin skirt that is placed in the same way a sarong or towel would sit at the hips after a swim. This combining of luxury fabric and sporty elements is distilled in a way that is wearable and inspiring. The Goggles were not the only accessory that stood out in this show, futuristic embossed leather swing bags with silver hardware dissolved any suggestion of vintage emerging from the flight goggles. Consider pairing a sleek swimsuit with a bold trouser or skirt, and our elegant ‘Luminary’ automatic watch.

Prada 2003Prada 2003Prada 2003

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