Holiday gifting guide for him.

Our Milan range is the perfect gifting solution for the important men in your life. Embark on a journey of imagination as you scroll through a series of styled mood boards and words to help guide you to the perfect watch for the man you have in mind… perhaps it is yourself that you have in mind, and you deserve it! 

1. The Minimalist

The Brera. Our distillation of striking simplicity. Named after the infamous Brera gallery of Milan, this timepiece is a homage to the Brera gallery’s sweeping collection, a place of deep culture and class. Here is our classic offering… 

Styling idea: Paired with Grey Tailored trousers and a fresh white sneaker.

2. The Romantic 

Inspired by Milan's infamous La Scala theatre, this blushing timepiece is the combined essence of La Scala’s red velvet curtains and finely gilt ceiling. The striking ‘Scala’ is both drama and class... Perfect for a man who embraces the romance in everything. 

Styling idea: Green or olive trousers to compliment the soft rose, loose linen shirt. 

3. The Fashion Forward Man

The Lumiere is the best of both worlds, it is light-giving and represents both the suns’ gold and the moons’ silver, providing you with timeless versatility.  This is for the fashion forward man, a watch with a little edge and endless styling options. 

Styling idea: Trench coat, neutral toned trousers and a simple t-shirt. 

4. The Work hard, Play hard

Flowing refinement, ultimate class. The Fontana channels Milan's Sforza Castle Fountain, the fountain that is always flowing with perfect harmony. A watch for the man who works hard during the week and isn't afraid to have a little fun on the weekend... The Fontana features a crisp cobalt blue face which contrasts against an icy polished stainless steel bracelet. 

Styling idea: Navy blue suit pants throughout the week, blue jeans on the weekend. 

5. The Cool Casual

Midnight black dial as deep as Milanese velvet. The Velluto is luxury and class, a staple that will advance your style and accompany you through time as visions transmute into reality. Think Milan moon-lit walks, accompanied by the sound of new Italian shoes on cobblestoned streets. Perfectly cool, perfectly casual. 

Styling idea: Classic contrast against an all black outfit, dark wash jeans and a black linen shirt for a casual look. 

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