Holiday gifting guide for her.

Time to: Avoid the last minute holiday gifting frenzy… 

This year let's be prepared for holiday gifting, 2020 has been stressful enough so we are getting in early to help guide you into finding the perfect watch for holiday gifting for all kinds of women. 

Whether you are looking for a gift for your partner, mother, sister or friend, this guide is to help you find the perfect watch for the women in your life. Take a journey through these mood boards and descriptions to try and find the perfect timepiece for her, we believe she is bound to love your gift after feeling the luxurious and classic touch of one of our Geneva pieces. Right through to the lush velvet box that these watches come in, we have you covered. 

We are mindful of this categorisation of women- these are mere guides, maybe you will feel hints of the woman you have in mind in the below images and words. These styles are also ungendered, so if you are a man looking for a gift for your partner, you might like to consider which style you might like to borrow…  

All elegance 

For the elegant lady with a sleek and neutral wardrobe, her eye is in the detail. This woman loves a silk slip dress on the weekend, and a tailored trouser with leather boots on the weekday, she looks to the finer things in life; a tall glass of champagne on a friday, finding the perfect blown glass vases for her market flowers and always lighting a candle at dinner. She is style, she is grace and the Andress will work itself seamlessly into her most casual and most formal outfits.

Click here to view the Andress.

Never afraid of colour 

This is for the woman who mixes and matches with the finest precision. There is no fear of colour in her wardrobe, there are colourful silks, patterned trousers, vintage sunglasses. She will seamlessly combine clothes from different eras: A 70s halter neck dress and a pair of oversized 70s sunnies with a 90s platform sandal- curated to perfection. The Celeste is the perfect watch for her. 

Click here to view the Celeste.

Miss sporty

Sporty, minimal, laid back. This watch is simple sophistication and will elevate a more casual wardrobe. Slicked back ponytail, Baggy blue jeans and a simple white t-shirt for a morning coffee and stroll along the beach… this is the perfect, fresh look that this watch stands for. This woman's wardrobe mirrors her lifestyle, it is clean and classic; activewear, a tennis skirt, vintage Levis, White sneakers. She is effortless perfection, just like The Hesse

Click here to view the Hesse.

Golden girl

Our golden girl: Yellow wine, double shot espresso, antique rings, shimmering silk in the west light of an afternoon. This woman is confidence and grace distilled into alchemical perfection. The Valere is the perfect glowing timepiece to accompany her through time and space… walking through an antique market, along the shoreline, to a big job interview, on the airplane and at the first dinner when she lands. Classic, timeless: let The Valere meet your Golden Girl. 

Click here to view the Valere.

The romantic 

Tap into her romantic side, and into the senses… think airy perfume, collecting fresh roses from the garden, complete presence with friends, sharing stories with Nanna over a cup of tea. Our blushing timepiece, The Starlet is a rose gold revival. Maybe this woman has an interest in history… Rose Gold last gained soaring popularity in the roaring 1920s, and is back as we move through the 2020’s. Perfect alloy ratio, perfect romance. 

Click here to view the Starlet.

 Visualise the watch on this woman's wrist, with her wardrobe, accompanying her in her daily activities… the right timepiece will meet you in these visualisations. 

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