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We asked Stylist Paris Johnson to look through our newest limited quantity collections and provide you with an exclusive gift guide along with style tips. Paris’ style/ gift guide features tips for both men and women and she carefully considers the watches that are most versatile, always ready to be paired with her favourite sophisticated, elegant looks as well as cool-casual looks too.  

“I have an innate passion for creatively engaging consumers through social and digital platforms with imaginative and forward thinking style."

To get a feel for Paris’ artistic eye, Go check out her changing monochromatic feed (@the_xx_editperfectly curated and a great reflection of her eye for the details... here is a snapshot. 

Paris Johnson

Paris Johnson 

1. Pop of colour with The Lumiere 

Mirror the two-toned element of The Lumiere in your outfit. Incorporating a pop of colour either through accessorising with a colourful bag or a silk scarf or make a bright colour the main element to your outfit paired with basic secondary elements i.e: A colourful suit with a Plain white T-shirt underneath. 

Paris Johnson

2. Trench coat with The Valere 

The Valere is pure elegance, perfectly paired with a classic neutral trenchcoat. Gold and classic trench camel tones are complimentary and will accentuate the warmth in your skin. 

Paris Johnson

3. The Loose linen shirt and The Scala 

A long sleeve, loose linen shirt will act as the perfect veil for this Rose-Gold style... As your long sleeve moves up and down your arm, glimpses of this special watch will be revealed. The loose white shirt and the elegant accessory are the perfect subtle duo. 

4. Blue denim with The Hesse

This timepiece is a minimalist dream, the styling opportunities are endless. A simple blue denim jean and white oversized T-shirt create perfect harmony with this classic watch. 

 5. The Oversized Blazer and The Velluto 

To match the luxurious, sophisticated feel of the deep black dial of this watch, an oversized blazer is the perfect classy look. 

 Paris Johnson

 For more of Paris Johnsons work click here.  


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