What propelled the vision of our Milan collection...

5 new styles, 5 new sources of inspiration. The imagery and words that propelled the vision for our upcoming release of the MILAN collection. 


The vision... Stepping out of the hot Milanese air and into the chilled Brera gallery- cool air radiating from the marble floors, Pre dinner rituals- applying cologne or perfume and slipping on fresh linen shirt and pants.   

Product description, to get your imagination running… 

The Brera. Our distillation of striking simplicity. Named after the infamous Brera gallery of Milan, this timepiece is homage to the Brera gallery’s sweeping collection, a place of deep culture and class. Here is our classic offering… combined brushed and polished steel edges, ultra thin 6mm case with an integrated octagonal framing from the lugs through to the case. Advance your image with the timeless Brera.


The vision... Golden hour by the water... a vision of alchemy as the canal transforms from silver to gold, Morning Light beaming through the sweeping skylight at the Galleria Vittorio Emanuele II. 

Product description, to get your imagination running… 

Meet The Lumiere, our ultra refined timepiece that radiates class with its sharp, refined design. The two-toned Polished stainless steel and yellow gold bracelet brings out the warmth in all skin tones. The lumiere is the best of both worlds, it is light-giving and represents both the suns’ gold and the moons’ silver, providing you with timeless versatility. Let the alchemical harmony of this piece remind you of the luminary you are, as it sits with you as personal visions unfold through time. 


The vision... strolling beside the Navigli canal as day turns to night, Italian boots on cobblestoned streets, traditional milanese velvet walking home from a dinner of fresh pasta and lombardy wine. 

Product description, to get your imagination running… 

Velluto. Midnight black dial as deep as milanese velvet with a radiant steel bracelet to contrast. With an ultra thin case and quartz movement, this timepiece is luxury and class, a staple that will advance  your style and accompany you through time as visions transmute into reality. Think Milan moon-lit walks, accompanied by the sound of new Italian shoes on cobblestoned streets. The Velluto is a limited quantity 100 piece style that distills striking finesse into its most pure essence.  


The vision... A visit to the Sforza castle fountain with a Limone Gelato in hand, fresh drops of cold water on an Italian summers day, The beaming white Piazza del Duomo against a clear blue sky. 

The product description, to get your imagination running. 

Fontana. Flowing refinement, with this timepiece you will emanate ultimate class. In the Fontana we are channeling Milans Sforza Castle Fountain, the fountain that catches the natural light in the day and becomes lit up at night, always flowing with perfect harmony. The Fontana features a crisp cobalt blue face which contrasts against an icy polished stainless steel bracelet combining both polished and brushed stainless steel edges and a 6mm thick case. This quartz movement timepiece will seamlessly incorporate itself into your wardrobe.


The vision... Rose mahogany stained furniture, Magnolia lombardy rose in a cut crystal glass, perfect alchemy of La Scala theatres rich red chairs and gilt balconies.

Product description, to get your imagination running...

Meet Scala. Inspired by Milans infamous La Scala theatre, this blushing timepiece is the combined essence of La Scala’s red velvet curtains and finely gilt ceiling. The striking ‘Scala’ is both drama and class. We have selected the perfect alloy ratio to achieve a rich gold with a romantic flush. The Scala is a quartz movement, limited 100 quantity piece style that distills striking subtlety into its most pure essence.


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I have purchased two watches in the past, i have one that hasn’t worked in over a year. can someone contact me about a repair? thanks, Dean.

Dean McCrary February 25, 2022

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