Top 5 Beaches in Australia

Tired of packed out beaches and the same spots every time you have a day off? Here are Tristyn's (Marketing and Social Media Strategist at The 5TH) absolute favourite go-to spots in Victoria and NSW.

"I can only include 5 in this list - but there are so many more!"

1. Wattamolla Bay - NSW

"So, when I lived in Sydney this was my favourite spot -  and I lived on Bondi Beach. For fresh water and saltwater lovers alike, this gorgeous beach is fully equipped with a waterfall that flows right out into the ocean which means you can set up camp for the day and have jumps off the waterfall, and have long walks on the beach. Sounds like heaven, huh?"

Top 5 Beaches In Australia The 5TH

2. Blairegowrie Back Beach - VIC

"If you don’t mind a 10 minute walk, which some of my friends have called bush bashing(you know who you are), this scenic spot is just for you. Perfect for a day with friends, take down a picnic hamper and a few glasses of your fave chilled wine and bobs your uncle, its a party! It’s a great surf spot for advanced surfers, on high tide is perfect for snorkelling depending on water temp, and on low tide had plenty of rock pools to explore. Due to this spot being slightly off the beaten track, its usually a bit more quiet than most beaches on Victorias Mornington Peninsula, infamous for being packed out all summer. Don’t tell too many people about this one!"

Top 5 Beaches In Australia The 5TH
Top 5 Beaches Victoria

3. Malua Bay - NSW

"I feel like I shouldn’t be talking about some of these spots because they’re so damn unique - this gem included. Malua bay is one of my families go-to get away locations on the South Coast of NSW. Its right near the ever popular Batemans bay which is a fisherman's paradise, but in this particular cove and its immediate neighbours I have swam with dolphins, eaten bags of freshly shucked oysters, kayaked with whales and caught lobsters WITH MY BARE HANDS (note, that last one is slightly exaggerated)."

Top 5 Beaches In Australia The 5THTop 5 Beaches Australia

4. Loch Ard Gorge - VIC

"One of the must visit locations on Great Ocean  road, Loch ard gorge is a treasure trove filled with gorgeous natural rock formations and stunning  snorkelling spots. Perfect for a little road trip outside of Melbourne, I visited this spot for  the first time a few years ago on  a campervan  trip down the Great ocean  road and still think it's one of the most gorgeous  spots to visit."

Top 5 Beaches In Australia The 5TH
Top 5 Beaches Australia

5. Sealers Cove - VIC

"This one is well off the road, so you will literally have to hike in to this beach and it is well worth the extra effort for this pristine beach, inside the Wilsons Promontory National Park. This one requires a little exertion, as it is a (very scenic) 3.5 hour hike each way, but a great one for people who are interested in entry level hiking. On the other side of your hike in, a vast cove just outside of the marine reserve awaits you which  means plenty of wildlife and nature. I completed this one LAST WEEK and am super excited to try the other gorgeous spots on the prom."

Top 5 Beaches In Australia The 5TH

See more of Tristyn's adventures: @tristynlecia.

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