5 dream locations, 5 dream watches…

I’m writing this from Melbourne, where it is the middle of winter. As we are in the midst of the Covid 19 pandemic, the past months have been predominantly spent at home with tracksuits on rotation and I am beginning to forget how I dressed before the pandemic. Though, this fashion fog speaks to a deeper issue that we are experiencing as we continue to live in lockdown. 

The monotony of funnelling all aspects of our lives into the same space is starting to set in. Our home space which may have once been a place to relax, share meals and watch our favourite TV show, has simultaneously become our office and our gym. 

There is also something to be said about the journey between places. The journey from home to work, from work to gym, from home to a bar. There is space in between- time to gather your thoughts while you travel through space. So, in the endeavour of breaking through the routine, single dimensionality that has swarmed our lives- we must dare to dream! Escape from your living room and shift your mind to the eternal- Here are some of our favourite dream locations, ready for us when life returns to the new normal. 

DARE TO DREAM... with 5 of our favourite locations and watches to match the view. 

1... Our golden sun in the dusty rose sky- Turkish Delight setting above Istanbul Mosque.

5 Dream locations, Istanbul

Watch: 007 

2... Dead Sea, Israel under the Moon. Masada mountains etched against light and sea - ancient beauty. Salt soaked skin.

5 Dream locations, Israel Dead Sea

Watch: SoHo 

3... Dreaming of shared sea adventures. Together - under the sun and above the deep blue. Plunging memories.

5 Dream locations, Blue sea

Watch: Rider

4... Robert Frank Photography, ‘children with sparklers in provincetown, 1958.’ Humming firefly children at dusk- classic childhood memories. 

5 Dream locations, Robert Frank

Watch: Vesper

5... Dusk and dawn, ebb and flow- The lapping ocean. The perfect amalgamation of silver and gold luminescence.

5 Dream locations, Watches

 Watch: Clemente

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