5 online shows to dive into from your living room…

While the pandemic continues to alter the way we live our lives, the absence of live music, trips to the art gallery, the theatre and the runway, is becoming more and more apparent. It is important we find new ways to fill the creative voids that isolation has brought upon us. Many creatives around the world are adapting to new ways of delivering their art where they are momentarily transforming our screens into little windows of hope.

This will not last forever, and soon we will be back in these creative spaces experiencing the energy of the arts. But for now, we look to the influx of digital viewings opening doors to exhibitions and performances of both the past and present. 

5 of our favourites at The 5TH:


1. DIOR CRUISE 2021… 

Creative director Maria Grazia Chiuri pays homage to her heart place of Puglia- the southeastern tip of Italy. In Puglia, there is an amalgamation of energies where magical beliefs such as Tarantism live on… Dior delicately extracted influence from Puglia’s rich and unfolding culture.  

Dior Cruise 2021

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2. DICE APP - Livestreaming professional artists to your living room. 

Ordinarily, DICE was a platform that synced with your Spotify and kept music lovers in the loop about where and when their favourite artists were performing. It has now shifted its focus from Live music to Live Streamed music, where you can purchase tickets to watch your favourite artists from your living room. At The 5TH we are looking forward to watching Patti Smith and Bjork in the upcoming months…









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 3. JACQUEMUS SPRING 2021…  L’amour 

Snaking through a wheat field in the South of France, Jacquemus conducted a ‘socially-distanced’ runway for their Spring 2021 collection, named ‘L’amour.’ This collection of intimate designs positioned in this vast and bucolic setting aimed to create something “bubble-like” to mark the moment.

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4. SOPHIE TAEUBER-ARP- Shining light on the past. Influential Artist of the 20th century.  

The Google Arts and Culture partnership with MoMA also features an online exhibit about artist and designer Sophie Taeuber-Arp. ‘Swiss artist, painter, sculptor, textile designer, furniture and interior designer, architect and dancer. She is considered one of the most important artists of concrete art and geometric abstraction of the 20th century.’

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Vogue has posted a myriad of digital showcases of season 2021. The Sportmax Resort showcase is one of our favs. Structured leather dresses and trench coats, asymmetrical knitwear- and the recurring subtle yet statement pop of colour.

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