Our Teams Guide To Working From Home

Millions of people are now working from home (WFH) and for many of us, it's the first time. There is no denying it has its perks: the anything-goes dress code, a fully stocked pantry and the zero commute time. But then, there is also a downside: no structure and endless distractions. To work effectively from home we believe a daily routine is essential, so if you are in need of some guidance or recommendations our team have come up with a WFH guide to help you through.

7 am

The 5TH Watches Guide To Working From Home

Good morning star shine, the earth says hello. Roll on out of bed and do whatever you need to do to wake yourself up.... splash some cold water on your face, stretch or make yourself a cuppa.

7.30 am

The 5TH Watches Guide To Working From Home

Jump into some activewear as a morning sweat is in order. We find that working out in the morning sets us up for a productive day as exercise is a great stress reducer. But if you're not a morning person, don't force it. 

Our team is currently loving workouts from:

  • Nike Training Club - Download the free app on your phone for a range of flexible at-home training programs. 
  • Barry's Bootcamp - The worldwide cult-favourite gym are doing 30-minute high-intensity interval workouts on IG Live. Follow any one of Barry's Bootcamp Instagram accounts (@barrys, @barrysaustralia, @barrysuk) for a killer workout.
  • Kirsty Godso - Fitness queen and master trainer Kirsty Godso is providing all of her follower's equipment-free targeted bodyweight exercises throughout her IG feed, check her out here @kirstygodso.

8.30 am

The 5TH Watches Guide To Working From Home

Jump in the shower, rinse off and then get dressed into something that makes you feel good. Don't forget your watch!

9 am

The 5TH Watches Guide To Working From Home

Set your goals for the day then let business commence. Take small frequent breaks to stretch, pour yourself some tea or diffuse some essential oils to create a soothing environment.

1 pm

The 5TH Watches Work From Home Guide

It's time to refuel and time for your well-deserved break. Head to the kitchen to prep lunch or to reheat last night's leftovers. It is always a good idea to eat away from your work space or eat outside to soak up some vitamin D... if the weather permits. Then if you have time, head out for a quick stroll around the block to get your body moving before you sit back down again.

Our team are devouring these lunch recommendations: 

2 pm

The 5TH Watches Work From Home Guide

You should now be feeling re-energised and ready to get back to work. For some, it might be the most productive part of your day and for others, you may have lost focus, so be conscious and try to re-engage your mind.

3 pm

The 5TH Watches Guide To Working From Home

Not long to go now. Time for some tea and a snack to tide you over until dinner, so you can finish the working day off strong.

5 pm

The 5TH Watches Guide To Working From Home

Your workday has come to an end, so shut down your computer and switch off as you're now going to take some time for yourself. Do some baking, knit yourself a scarf, take your dog for a walk or play card games with your family, partner or housemates. Spend this time doing the things that make you happy.

Here are some suggestions from our team:

    • Find yourself a knitting pattern from Wool and the Gang
    • Get your household around a game of Monopoly Deal or Catan

The key is to find your own personal structure and routine. Try to find a daily routine that synchronizes with those who you live with because we are all in this together, at home.

And remember to drink plenty of water :)


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