We Find Out What Makes Photographer @davvealcaraz Tick.


'Good things take time... and that's why we appreciate them'.

We couldn't agree more with these wise words from @davvealcaraz. We spend 5-minutes finding out what makes photographer David Alcaraz tick. 

See our interview below:

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How did you get into photography? 

I got into photography as an excuse for myself to get out there. I have always loved photography and the stuff you can do like light painting and slow shutter photos. When I moved from LA to San Francisco I fell in love with the city and its architecture, so I started taking photos everywhere. I also discovered all these cool urban Instagrammers and started doing more and more urban shots. Now I am all for adventures and getting to know more places, I love going on road trips with my girlfriend or with my close friends. The vision is to fulfil me with new adventures and to travel more to places that I didn't know they existed.  

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City or nature?

If you would have asked me a couple of months ago this question, I would have answered with the city, but now all my interest is going on adventures, and nature shots. It’s fun in the outdoors!

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Do you have a word of advice for anyone starting out? 

People might have different approaches to why they want to start taking photos, but regardless of what it is my only advice is to have fun! Photography is so much fun when you do it the right way, no matter if it's as a hobby or if you are trying to build a business as a freelancer. If photography is your hobby then have fun and learn from the process that it will take you, and if you are starting as a freelancer you should also have fun with your projects and learn from each one of them to become a better photographer. I can say I am still learning new techniques every day to become a better photographer while also having fun and enjoying all these moments and opportunities photography has brought to me. 

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Where does your inspiration come from? 

My inspiration comes from a wide variety of people starting with my close friends. We all have a different style and eye when it comes to taking photos and this is what inspires me to find these unique angles. Also, by looking at other people photos on Instagram and trying to put your own twist; ‘inspiration not imitation’.

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What's of favourite thing to photograph?

Astrophotography! My all-time favourite is and will always be astrophotography. I love capturing star trails and chasing the milky way. I love doing this because it is always challenging, and it requires patience. The only way you can achieve this type of photography is when there are clear skies and you also have to drive far away from any light pollution. Not to mention that a lot of planning is involved when shooting the milky way. Not everyone is willing to take photos at 1 AM in the morning under super cold weather conditions!  

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What 5TH watch do you have?

I have the ‘Brooklyn’ watch from the 'New York' collection, simply because I love all black. 


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