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Caring for your
Automatic Watch

With the right care,
your automatic watch will
stand the test of time.

Getting Started:
Setting The Time & Date

  • 1. Pull the crown out away from the case until movement stops.

    • - To change date: you'll feel 1 click (pull crown out slightly).

    • - To change time: you'll feel 2 clicks (furtherest position).

  • 2. Turn the crown until you are at the correct time.

    • - Clockwise - time moves forward.

    • - Counterclockwise -time moves backward.

  • 3. Once time is set, reseal the crown by pressing it in against the case until tight (flush against the watch case).

Caring For Your Piece:

  • Your Automatic watch was designed to be lived in, worn out, and well-loved; below are some tips for extending the life of your watch while keeping it looking and performing its best along the way.

  • Our Swiss Made watches are made from some of the most highest-quality, enduring materials available, including:

    • - 316L Stainless Steel (Surgical Steel) - strong, hyperallergenic, beautiful in a variety of finishes.

    • - PVD Coatings - durable coatings applied through Physical Vapour Deposition (PVD).

    • - Sapphire Crystal - the most durable watch crystal in the industry and second hardest mineral on the planet.

316L Stainless Steel:

  • Over time, stainless steel is suseptible to:

    • - scratching,

    • - scuffing,

    • - denting.

  • To avoid these issues:

    • - Avoid damaging activities like sports or physical labour.

    • - Polish your watch - send stainless steel watches for polishing around once every 12 months to lessen the appearance of scratches or light scuffs and improve the overall look.

    • - Store properly - always store the watch in it's box or in a soft protected place.

PVD Coating:

  • PVD Coatings are susepible to:

    • - Showing wear faster than stainless steel,

    • - scratching,

    • - scuffing,

    • - Changes in colour due to oxidation,

    • - Wear due to repeat friction over time.

  • To avoid these issues:

    • - Store properly - always store the watch in it's box or in a soft protected place.

    • - Be mindful of jewelry - avoid wearing a PVD watch with bracelets and jewelry that may rub against the watch's finish.

    • - Avoid friction - be mindful when wearing your watch during activities that may cause repetitive friction.

    • - Avoid damaging activities like sports or physical labour.

Sapphire Crystal:

  • Sapphire crystal is not expected to show wear and tear unless involved in an accident, which may result in:

    • - Cracking,

    • - Shattering,

    • - Chipping.

  • To avoid these issues:

    • - Avoid high contact activities that could be likely to cause an accident resulting in the Sapphire cracking or shattering.

    • - Make sure the watch strap or bracelet is secure to avoid your watch falling off your wrist.

    • - Replace your watch strap when signs of wear present near the lugs.

    • - Always make sure the spring bars are completely secure after changing a watch strap.

If You have any other questions about looking after your new watch, please don't hesitate to reach out to hello@the5th.co

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