Where It All Began

When someone asks me for a snapshot of my life, how my business skills developed or why I do what I do, I find it very difficult to summarise a lifetime of inspiration that has shaped my creative desires to this day. Inspiration is fleeting in life, but I feel as though I have been lucky enough to hold on tight with both hands to things that make me the happiest. Much like anyone else, my life had been shaped by moments; Most shared, and some solitary - but all meaningful.

I grew up at the feet of two architects passionately pursuing their vision… I witnessed them work hard to uphold their vision. They created spaces/structures for people to enjoy, appeased copious client requests, while also providing for their family. More than anything else, my parents gave me great appreciation for the value of hard work, artistic ingenuity and the importance of clear vision for anyone pursuing a creative path.

I am fortunate to have had a glimpse into the inner workings of the design world and to have developed a drive to accomplish my wildest dreams, hopes and aspirations. A part of this dream, is to hold a candle in the dark for other people of creative nature to strive forward to their dreams too.

The insight from my parents lead me to work for a property developer, bringing to light the visions of architects and artists on some of Melbourne's groundbreaking projects. I was inspired, which in return encouraged my own creative visions started to emerge.

When I was 12 years of age, my biggest role model, my grandfather, passed away. He had been a huge source of inspiration to my family; growing up with nothing, he built a very successful business, but at the peak of the business’s success, his life was cut short. He left me his ‘vintage watch’, which I wore everyday as inspiration to chase my dreams.

When I was 3, I was in a horrific car accident, which left me with broken bones and in a coma. Due to the accident, I believed I was not as smart as others, and that I’d never amount to anything; but when I wore my grandfathers watch, it reminded me that anyone could achieve their dreams no matter their starting point.

I paid attention to my strengths and listened to the burning desire to immerse myself more in the design world. First, I started a design blog, which lead to an opportunity to begin designing, and from there, The 5TH was born. The more I immersed myself in the design space and worked with different creators, the better the results were. I had found my calling!

Our mission at The 5TH is simple, we want to connect our fans with core values that will help drive them forward; just as I felt when I wore my grandfathers watch. We also want our fans to be able to experience the prestige and heritage of the industry, without the price barriers; so we put all our efforts into designing and manufacturing the best possible products, then finding the most effective way of getting them to you.

- Founder, Alexander McBride


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