Unique ways to elevate your living space in 2021.

In this space we are setting the intention to live a well-designed life into the new year. We encourage you to lean into your desires, with our refined design guide moving out of 2020 and into 2021. This doesn't just mean big spending, it means taking the time to live a well designed life- making small and considered changes from your wardrobe through to your garden. 

Our focus is on elevating the things we already have through timeless investments and attuned design eyes. Last year we refined our aesthetic senses, consuming mostly online content, generating digital dreams… now it is time to acquire some of these things we have been dreaming about - Indulge in a new book, repurpose a piece of old furniture with 70s swiss design in mind and take that slow time on the weekend to arrange an ikebana. Take a journey through our design guide, and lean into one of your design desires.

With the right inspiration, the smallest design change in your space can make the biggest difference. 

The Japanese Ikebana. 

“Arranging flowers” or “making flowers alive,” The Japanese art of flower arrangement. Dating back to the Heian period, the art of the ikebana was established when floral offerings were made at altars. Now, these elegant and inventive floral compositions are used to adorn the home. Using elements of balance, composition, colour and form, there are endless opportunities for a delicate and intriguing arrangement that will transform your space.

A stack of rare coffee table books, to intrigue any visitor.

It is time to start opening your eyes to the realm of rare books. Replace your stack of old magazines and the odd art book with a collection of books that will excite and entice at each glance, books that will reveal themselves over time with remarkable images and words. World Food Books, located in Melbourne city has a curated collection of rare and out of print books, endless categories of books from Fashion to Anarchism are available online and in store. Instagram accounts such as @press_sf and @offpressbooks also curate and sell a range of niche and curious books. At the 5TH we are obsessed with unique design and overall exclusivity and we believe elements of exclusivity should run all through your space: From the watch on your wrist through to the stack of books on your coffee table.

Swiss interior design, and a Swiss watch to match…

Moving the focus from rare books to the furniture masterfully created by Swiss-born Architect, Artist and Interior designer, Le Corbusier. Corbusier’s designs were centred around Inexpensive yet mindfully manifested furniture that has been adapted to human functions, flowing in true harmony with the human body and its movement. Here are a couple of Corbusier’s famous Swiss furniture designs, and one of our most recent Swiss watch designs, The Luminary Automatic. We are always paying homage to great Swiss design, maybe you can keep in mind Le Corbusier’s words “Long live the good taste manifested by choice, subtlety, proportion, and harmony,” when designing your own space.

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