The 5 Colour Masters of This Month…

5 bursts of colour for your viewing pleasure… Our favourite Instagrammers, artists and designers who are all mastering colour in their own individual ways.

This month we are focussed on colour, the array of subtle feelings that each shade evokes, the art of colour- how when particular colour is placed beside another it can vibrate and create an oscillation in the human eye (Rothko, a true master of this) . How a soft powdery blue can bring quiet and calm, and a vibrant yellow can carry the energy of the sun. In this year of stillness there has been opportunity to become more attune to the nuances of colour. Maybe you have noticed the way the light transforms your room from a glowing afternoon yellow to dusky blue at exactly 5:49pm, or maybe you have brought nature indoors and are now tending to the magenta petals of your orchid or the chartreuse leaves of your pilea plant. Whatever it is, this long period of inwardness can only mean an outward burst at the end of it all. The outburst will be vibrant, appreciative, optimistic. Through all of this we are becoming grateful for the small things, more attuned to nature and the miracle of colour… we are oysters filtering out the grey in everything. Let’s put the dull days we have all had to endure this year behind us, let’s start planning colourful outfits and shift our focus to the prospects of doing things for the very first time again. The after party will be great.

1. Emili Sindlev, @emilisindlev 

Whether it is blue skies or grey, Emili Sindlev always finds a way to transform herself into a beacon of colour through her clothing. Both strolling through the white walled Mykonos and pausing for a picture while glamping, Emili dressed head to toe in colourful pieces. Highlights: That Archival Chanel surf tank from Summer ‘02 and that bubblegum pink Helmstedt dress.

Emili Sindlev @emilisindlev Scandinavian street style The 5TH

Via @emilisindlev  

2. Jean-Baptiste Bernadet, @jeanbaptistebernadet

Jean-Baptiste Bernadet superimposes bright colours in oil paint in an impressionistic style. These intersecting clouds of colour convey a sense of the paradisiacal. As such an array of colours dance around these large canvases, a visual universe is opened up- a panoramic universe of imagination, possibility and joy.

Jean-Baptiste Bernadet, The 5TH, Contemporary art

Via & @jeanbaptistebernadet

3. Cierra Nia, @simply.cie

One of our favourite Instagrams this month belongs to the wonderful Cierra Nia who is far from afraid of expressing herself through colour. Cierra adorns her hands in an eclectic mix of rings and fun nail art. Cierra also appears to have gotten her bejewelled hands on the coveted Telfar bag in this glowing dandelion yellow.

Cierra Nia, The 5TH, Summer street style

 Via @simply.cie 

4. Marine Serre Spring 2021 Ready to Wear 

Marine Serre’s new Spring 2021 collection uses texture and fluctuations of blue to create these metamorphosing garments. These select looks transform the wearer into a human, sea creature hybrid. Gathered and iridescent fabric creates the impression of silver fish glimmering in the sea, the iconic Marine Serre symbol is flipped upside down becoming  more like fish scales than the crescent moon. Squid Jigs even dangle from the fingertips of fitted gloves. This collection is a whole lot of fun and pushes monochromatic colour to its limits.

Marine Serre, The 5TH


5. Osa floral, @osafloral

Osa floral delicately arrange their blooms, coordinating colour right down to the organza wrap that holds the bouquet together. Lilac bell flowers, Aqua bunny tail grass, yellow Iris, lipstick pink Chinese peony and more meet in perfect bundles of joy to colour your home. 

Osafloral, The 5TH

Via @osafloral

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