Our Top Five Female Style Icons

Our Top Five Female Style Icons

For International Women's day this year we are focusing on 5 of our top Female Style Icons, taking style notes and looking for unique details in the ways they dress, and then matching our watches to their look.


1. Iris Law 

Iris Law masterfully holds eclecticism and elegance in equal measure in each of her playful outfits. Never shy of colour and texture, Iris styles bright fur, patterned shearling, silk tassels, duchess satin, always making sure to adorn her hands and nails with quirky rings (namely, La Manso and Blobb) and vivid nail art. The missing final piece… The Starlet watch from our Geneva collection. 

The 5TH Female Style IconsThe 5TH's Top 5 Female Style Icons

2. Amanda Gorman 

Grace, brilliance and courage- both in dress and in character. Amanda Gorman, the glowing yellow poet whose words resonated at the US inauguration earlier this year. She stood as a beacon of hope and a reminder to embrace colour, Amanda was seen wearing a sunflower yellow coat and a strawberry red satin headband. Once again embracing colour and duchess satin, the prized poet was beating pink perfection for her recent photoshoot with time magazine. To complete the bright yellow and red look, a Valere from our Geneva collection, its sunray dial shining against Amanda’s sunflower yellow sleeve. 

The 5TH's Top 5 Female Style IconsThe 5TH's Top 5 Female Style Icons

3. Tilda Swinton

The ultimate sophisticated woman- Actress Tilda Swinton has always championed sleek silhouettes and quality materials. Luxury and comfort combine as Tilda Swinton shows us exactly how blue and green work together as vibrant silk flows harmoniously from moss green into Yves Klein blue in this suit/robe hybrid pairing. For Tilda, the shoes are an always important detail, as seen below in both her red and black patent leather heels as well as her royal blue velvet loafers. We would gift Tilda Swinton The Russi watch from our Geneva collection, the missing extra element of sophistication on top of her carefully composed outfits. 

The 5TH's Top 5 Female Style IconsThe 5TH's Top 5 Female Style Icons

4. Devon lee Carlson 

We love Devon lee Carlson for her careful ability to combine expensive, high end staple pieces with quirky vintage and second hand items. Devon’s style always maintains an element of play, below she unconventionally pairs the heavenly white SS19 orseund iris silk set with cherry red cowboy boots and a original 2000 edition Prada nylon bag (both vintage items). In the other image, Devon is not afraid to mix monograms in her pairing of the SS 20 Miaou monogram dress and bandanna with vintage Fendi monogrammed sunglasses. A classic, glowing timepiece that would sing against each of Devon’s quirky pairings is our Andress from the Geneva


The 5TH's Top 5 Female Style IconsThe 5TH's Top 5 Female Style Icons

5. Adwoa Aboah 

Adwoa Aboah’s style is made distinct through her abundant use of accessories. A multitude of bracelets and rings- both antique and new, both silver and gold, are always present regardless of whether she is wearing sneakers and jeans or head to toe bottega veneta  (pictured left). Adwoa’s style is elusive and evolving, she describes it as “chang[ing] with the wind,” always held at the ends with stacked and layered jewellery. Our Itten timepiece, with its mixed metal jubilee bracelet would sit perfectly among one of Adwoa’s bracelet stacks. 

The 5TH's Top 5 Female Style IconsThe 5TH's Top 5 Female Style Icons

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Are there specific fashion trends or inspirations that Iris Law often follows, and how does she bring her own unique twist to these influences? Regards Telkom University

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