La Vie en Rose: Our History with Rose Gold

Our personal history with rose gold at The 5th and how we have been influenced by the wider history of this precious blushing metal… 

Rose Gold is perfect peachy pink, it illuminates the warmth in all skin tones and is a reminder to romanticise all the wonder in life … to see our Lives in Pink, La Vie En Rose.

In the 19th Century Rose Gold is said to be first amalgamated by Carl Fabergé, renowned jeweller to the Czars in imperial Russia. Carl Fabergé was best known for the famous Fabergé easter eggs that used expert goldsmithing and colourful precious stones whilst also reviving the lost art of enamelling. Through a series of royal commissions, Fabergé procured the coveted title of ‘Goldsmith by special appointment to the Imperial Crown.’ Fabergé blended yellow gold and copper to create this beguiling Pink material and it was on an Imperial egg where Rose Gold first adorned itself. 

Faberge Egg The 5TH Watches Rose Gold

Instrumental in propelling the popularity of Rose Gold was Cartier, who among other Rose gold pieces, created the classic “Trinity Ring” combining three bands of different Golds. This ring was first commissioned by the infamous Jean Cocteau, Writer, Artist, filmmaker and playwright. Cocteau iconically wore the ring on his pinkie finger from the 1920s onwards. 

Over the decades, Rose Gold popularity has waxed and waned through the influences of high fashion and starlets. As a result of the Cartier and Cocteau influence, this romantic and alluring metal gained popularity in the 1920’s… now in 2020 we think Rose Gold is due for a revival. At The 5TH, the revival will be more luxurious and high quality than ever. We have chosen the perfect alloy ratio to achieve a rich gold with a beautiful romantic flush. 

 Our history with Rose Gold… 

 The watch that truly set our brand in motion at our first release in 2014 was the Rose Gold and Peach watch. We sold out of this watch a myriad of times, and it became a big part of our identity. This style was many of our customers' first watch, their first introduction to the brand. Since the Rose Gold and Peach our brand has evolved and matured, and it is time this classic design evolves with us… Introducing The Heather and The Starlet, releasing October 15. 

The 5TH Rose Gold Edit

 Timeline of Rose Gold Releases:

  1. 2014 - Rose Gold and Peach (sold out)
  2. 2015 - Soho (almost gone)
  3. 2016 - Argyle (sold out)
  4. 2018 - Manuka (sold out)
  5. 2019 - 007
  6. 2020 - The Heather and The Starlet, releasing October 15… 

The 5TH Releasing October 15

Limited Pieces Releasing October 15.

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