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The most photogenic galleries around the world.

Art is for everyone. At The 5TH, we’re inspired by galleries that question the traditional highbrow look and feel of conventional art institutions. Places that offer visitors an immersive experience, beyond what’s hanging on the walls.
Here are our top picks of galleries around the world. The places we’d most like to spend a day getting lost in (and of course, taking photos).
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(01) MONA - Museum of Old and New Art Art Hobart, Tasmania

The ultimate anti-museum. MONA has scrapped every convention of a traditional gallery, and written it’s own rules. There are no placards on the walls describing the art (you need to download the museum’s O app for that) and drinking alcohol is encouraged, thanks to the on-site vineyard and brewery.
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(02) Le Centre Pompidou Paris, France

The best way to describe the Pompidou, is that it looks like a building turned inside-out. The exterior is covered by a maze of multicoloured pipes and glass escalators. Once inside, don’t forget to drop by the gallery’s pastel pink and stainless steel restaurant, Les Georges (as seen on Sex and The City!).
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(03) The Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum New York City, USA

A building that feels minimal, but also complex. The central ramp of the Guggenheim allows you to start at the top and work your way down to the bottom (the best way to see a museum).
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(04) The Barbican Art Gallery London, UK

A concrete jungle/arts centre. The Barbican Gallery is housed inside the other-worldly Barbican Estate (think waterfalls and cascading greenery, juxtaposed with a lot of concrete). One of the gallery’s best surprises is the Barbican Conservatory. A verdant paradise that transports you straight out of the grey London landscape.
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(05) The Getty Centre Los Angeles, USA

 A bright and open space on top of a hill in Santa Monica. An ideal antidote for the pain of constantly sitting in traffic jams in LA. The abundance of natural light, reflecting of the white curves of the building, makes this spot especially photogenic.


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(06) The Niterói Contemporary Art Museum Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Just like a flying saucer that’s touched-down from space (piloted by aliens that have great taste in fine art). The curved walkway is the perfect place to take in panoramic views of Rio. Creative Directors at Louis Vuitton were so inspired by the museum’s red carpet-like walkway, that they held their 2016 Cruise Collection show there.

(06) Benesse Art Site Naoshima, Japan

Not quite a gallery, The Benesse Art Site prefers to describe itself as “a collection of art-related activities within one island”. It’s a treasure trove of sculpture, architecture and nature. The serene natural beauty of the island is the perfect backdrop to the assortment of sculptures.
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(07) Louisiana Museum of Modern Art Humlebaek, Denmark

A homely-feeling gallery with a lakeside view. Most rooms have floor to ceiling windows, so it’s filled with natural light. Outside, there’s a sculpture park, perfect for afternoon strolls taking in the scenery.
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(08) Yves Saint Laurent Museum Marrakesh, Morocco

A museum dedicated to Yves Saint Laurent, it houses 1000 of the designer’s couture garments and accessories. The exterior of the building is a striking tribute to Moroccan style architecture and the delicate shapes within Yves Saint Laurent’s designs.
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