Bilbao: The Gehry Collection. Releasing June 5

  • by Alexander McBride
Great design has transformed cities, now the city transforms the people.

Introducing the latest addition to the Bilbao range.

The story of Bilbao: In 1993, the tired industrial city in Basque country northern Spain asked Frank Gehry to design the Guggenheim Museum, which sparked a revitalisation of the city through this world-class project. He created an architectural masterpiece of sandstone, titanium, and glass on the banks of the Nerving River. Since its creation, the city has resurged in economic uplift and become a must-see destination in Spain.

The positive impact that this single project had on the city of Bilbao coined the phrase ‘The Bilbao Effect’, which is an idea that great design can be transformative; an idea that we have brought into the design of this collection.

This collection, inspired by the work of Frank Gehry, consists of 5 statement pieces designed to redefine. 3 of 5 designs will be released in limited quantity on June 5. Watch this space.


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