Introducing a worlds first...

They told us it is impossible for a small independent company like us to do ‘Swiss Made’ watches, that we could never get such high quality at affordable prices. They told us no Swiss manufacturer would ever support us and the barriers are too great. They told us it was impossible.

Luckily, we didn't listen, because we’ve just made it possible.

I’m Alex McBride, Founder of The 5TH, across the last 5 years we’ve achieved a lot.

From humble beginnings in Melbourne, Australia, to going global and selling to customers in over 100 countries; our mission has always been simple, to bring you beautifully-designed watches at affordable prices...

...Now we're taking it to the next level.

We’ve partnered with a Swiss manufacturer to bring you the opportunity to be a part of a revolution in the Swiss Made watchmaking world as we become the first-ever pure direct to consumer company to make Swiss Made watches.

Not just Swiss designed, not just Swiss-engineered, but Swiss Made.

What does this mean? To be Swiss Made, means we’re held to the highest watchmaking standards in the world, our products go through thousands of tests for design, development, craftsmanship, quality, and function before they’re ready to be shipped to you.

The journey to date has not been without challenges; however, we’re proud to have overcome them to...

bring you a phenomenal opportunity to enter the world of ‘Swiss Made’ watches when our collection launches on September 16.

To celebrate the upcoming release of our first-ever ‘Swiss Made’ collection; we’re giving you the chance to WIN a fully paid trip to Switzerland, where we will not only tear up the powder in the Swiss Alps, but I’ll also I will present you with our first-ever limited-edition Swiss Made watch.

To enter visit:

I look forward to presenting the watch to you in Switzerland. 


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