5 Things We Love About Brooklyn

5 Things We Love About Brooklyn

The 5TH Brooklyn

This week we released the Brooklyn Slim, a sleek 36MM rendering of the Brooklyn style, from our much loved New York range. The Brooklyn Slim’s minimal all-black design feels classic but also a bit different, much like the New York Borough it’s named after.


To celebrate the watch’s release, we’ve listed the 5 things we love the most about Brooklyn.


(1) The Architecture

The 5TH Brooklyn

Brooklyn is an architectural treat. From the Gothic style Brooklyn Bridge, to the envy-inducing Greek Revival Brownstones. And let’s not forget the interiors. Brooklynites have a special talent for creatively refreshing historical homes, where contemporary pieces share floor space with clever nods to the past.


(2) The Creativity

Creativity runs deep in Brooklyn’s roots. Brooklyn is home to one of the largest and oldest art galleries in the United States, The Brooklyn Museum, whose collection includes Andres Serrano’s portrait of Snoop Dogg and well as portraits from Ancient Rome.


(3) The Baked Goods

You’d be hard pressed to find somewhere with a baked goods scene as creative and fast-paced and Brooklyn’s. From Cupcakes to Cronuts to Sourdough to Vegan Cakes, the list is constantly being updated. Most Brooklyn baked delicacies are extremely Instagram worthy, and really do taste as good as they look.


(4) The Unexpected

Brooklyn is a fluid borough that loves to reinvent itself and keep you on your toes. One of Brooklyn’s unexpected trend’s that we’re loving right now is non-alcoholic bars. Our personal favourite is Getaway in Greenpoint where you can order alcohol-free cocktails wines and beer. The menu even features a non-alcoholic nightcap!


(5) The Community

Brooklyn is always trying to do better. From the community gardens, to zero-waste restaurants and supermarkets. The warm and inviting Brooklyn Brownstones also give the neighbourhoods a cosy community vibe.


Don’t forget, our Brooklyn Slim is on sale for 5 days only, from January 5TH - 10TH.

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