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Cheap replica watches have always lots to talk about the best replica rolex, from the manual process of gods to watch complex and diverse functions, from all kinds of watches and clocks to the changing shape of the material selected, and both years contains rich essence of will the beauty of nature into an elegant wrist timepieces, each a watch craftsmen are wisdom, the hundreds of small parts evolved hurried time best witness.

Technology watch is indeed a topic worth studying, the combination of hundreds of years of history, but today we are being put aside watchmaking, simply to talk about those who create watches material.

Stainless steel, it can be said that we most often replica rolex watches Case material with unique metal toughness, wear comfortable. In fact, academic and engineering is not 'steel", the general said steel is made of carbon tool steel and carbon steel, and there is never fade,, environmental protection, shine extraordinary appearance, in the early nineties of the last century it has become the mainstream of European and American high-end fashion jewelry materials processing, now has become the preferred material of many fashion brands. Usually we say can be divided into steel 316L steel and 904L steel, components and toughness has the distinction of these two austenitic steels are considered non-magnetic body, 904L containing nickel, chromium and copper, 316L does not have 904 more resistant to corrosion and abrasion compared, the price is 316 three times.

316L stainless steel, good texture, corrosion resistance, density close to the iron, generally will not affect the human skin. Swiss Rolex replica watches often use this material manufacturing case, crown and bracelet. The 904L stainless steel superalloy is an alloy of stainless steel, up to 21% chrome content, sufficient corrosion resistance comparable with precious metals.

In 1988, Rolex will be the first to introduce watchmaking 904L stainless steel, and so far, the industry's only a widespread and systematic manner this material is applied to the case, crown and strap manufacturing enterprises. 904L stainless steel manufacturing process is quite stringent, after the first casting, will be re-melted to a vacuum vessel, purified to remove impurities contained therein, by a scanning electron rolex watches replica cheap microscope after confirm the quality, in order to be used manufacture of watches.

Therefore, the use of 904L steel to build the watch has a very strong and bright metallic luster, but also have toughness and wear resistance, the use of this material can watch 306L steel than the average in the selling price more expensive.

Rolex Oyster Perpetual Milgauss watch is rugged and reliable as a model, a unique case in the middle of the original block has a solid strong corrosion resistance of 904L steel, triangular grooved bottom by Rolex watchmakers brand Exclusive special tools to tighten, so that the case is completely sealed.

Milgauss escapement assembly with paramagnetic escapement wheel made of nickel-phosphorus alloy, this means by Rolex for Research and Innovation micro parts production technology UV-LiGA made.

Balance swing unit is the heart of watch parts, with the Rolex patented a unique gossamer blue Parachrom niobium zirconium alloy, than from magnetic interference, even in the face remains extremely stable temperature change, seismic force is more than the traditional gossamer 10 times higher. Watch dial has a very unique color, orange lightning needle is a typical feature Rolex watch not only the continuation of the classic design, more modern elements into the fashion

In recent years, more and more Cheap replica watches brands will choose precious metal material used to build the watch, such as platinum, platinum, rose gold and so on. Usually we say platinum, the full name should be 'K white gold", it is made of gold smelting together with other white metal from the platinum-free white alloys, in which the percentage of gold up to 75%.

Because this alloy is white, so called Platinum, it is divided into 18K and 14K types. Marketed K platinum jewelry, platinum is not, many consumers are unaware of the truth. We have to know, completely white K gold does not contain platinum, its main ingredient is gold, an alloy of gold and other metals, so usually we are talking about is the white K gold platinum, this material is often not strong hardness and corrosion resistance, wear a long time will be worn, but bright white metallic luster will make us attracted to whom.

As the world's oldest Replica Watches manufacturer Vacheron Constantin through the history of precipitation fully inherited the essence of traditional Swiss watchmaking. Only Vacheron Constantin heritage series watch with 18K white gold case, lugs, crown, always highlight the texture of the precious metal, with a diameter of 38 mm men's wrist exactly.

Watch traditional design, noble and dignified style, coupled with landmark movement, the spirit of the Maltese cross represents all into one, symbolizes the Vacheron Constantin heritage of 200 years of history. Located in the heart of the White Cross Malta it will keynote this watch reflected most vividly, superb craftsmanship and perfect shape combine to create one after another solemn gorgeous classics.

In the long watchmaking history, it has become a symbol of luxury and elegant enduring. A long history of traditional features, noble temperament, beautiful atmosphere, this men's watch is clearly more suitable for formal solemn occasions, it will be a lot more dignified elegance for the wearer to add color. Watch equipped interior is cal.2455 self-winding movement, has a total of 194 precision parts and 27 jewels, after the full chain can provide 40 hours of power reserve of the movement.

Platinum people to become king of precious metals, referred to as Pt, is a naturally white precious metal, platinum can be called only platinum, platinum purity is usually 95%, platinum has the persistence and dazzling white light.

Pure platinum with silver white, the color and luster is naturalness, frozen in time. Platinum generally be divided into pure platinum, iridium, platinum and platinum K, the state provides only platinum content of 85% or more of the jewelry can be called platinum jewelry, and must sign with Pt. Beautiful platinum color, ductility, resistance to melting, abrasion, corrosion resistance, chemical stability at high temperatures, the material of platinum watches for everyday wear or even an acid vapor environment, will not corrode or discolor.

While platinum strength and toughness, but also much higher than other precious metals.

Gold can be said that in daily life one of the most common precious metal, is also used to create the Replica watches China are no longer surprising, gold material is soft and good toughness, since ancient times been used to make decorations.

Since gold texture is very soft, so the case, band and many more alloy form, usually 18K majority, this ratio is proven that can guarantee gold color will never disappear, but also to ensure the hardness and reduce signs of wear.

Among the many watch brands, Rolex can be said to be considered a special case, 'Golden labor" gold content is usually higher than conventional 18K, so the price of a Rolex gold watch tend to be high, and in pawn shops or casinos are instant redemption cash.

Rose gold is a gold and copper alloy, also known as the pink gold, red gold, since the metal was in the early 19th century, popular in Russia, which is also called the Russian gold. Rose gold has a very stylish, beautiful red rose colors, many watch brands have this kind of material for watch design and processing.

Rose gold case watch for a long time, as early as antique watches and pocket Replica Watches on the use of too. This malleable material is strong, hard and high, changing color and other characteristics, not easily deformed or scratched, can fully utilize the complex exquisite design creativity.

Compared with the traditional gold and platinum, rose gold colored gemstone colors not only make more dense, but also reflects the refined metal and delicate, warm colors to bring a sense of warmth and romance, the rose gold watch can be described sparkling, better bring out the female elegance.

Advanced Cheap replica watches not only has excellent technology, materials should also be efforts, the rich diversity of the material world watches, but also a profound knowledge, how to choose it would watchmaker who study the subject. From ordinary stainless steel to high-tech ceramics, but also a continuation of the classic integrated into the innovation and makes the wearer in the purchase of a few more options.