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The 5TH : Watches

Bilbao Bilbao

A range inspired by Bilbao - a city transformed by accessible luxury design. Sleek, single-tonal design, minimal watchface and effortless elegance.

New York Classic New York Classic

Non-stop hustle and bustle. The city that never sleeps has inspired us from day one. One watch. Two looks.

Melbourne Minimal Melbourne Minimal

The Melbourne Minimal. A place where black is the new black and Sunday is the new Sunday.

Tokyo Tokyo

A range inspired by the city, seasons, and people of Tokyo, Japan.

The 5TH : Frames

Golightly Golightly

Carry yourself with class, from breakfast to bedtime.

Clarence Clarence

Make yourself a hard act to follow, sister (or mister).

Thornhill Thornhill

Keep moving in the right direction.

Penny Penny

Look famous. Well, almost.

Goodsen Goodsen

Look the business. Nothing risky 'bout it.

The 5TH : Accessories

The Essential

There are some things in life you can’t do without. And this bag can carry them all.

The Staple

Whatever your day-to-day needs, this bag provides a comfortable fit.


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