It’s hard to describe our five days in Cuba. It was mindblowing, as our disconnectedness made us take in every moment. 5 minutes of downtime wasn’t spent with a phone filling the gap. We learnt from the Cuban people that true happiness starts with people, one on one, with no devices in our way. Going straight to the intensity of New York to open a pop-up afterwards hit us like a smack in the head, so we asked Kirsty Bennett to dive into Cuba’s history and what makes Cuban people so special.

If the world was having a party, Cuba would be the country who finds out a week or two later. After more than 50 years of not being invited to anything, the largest island in the Carribean is back on the guest list.

Since 1961, Cuba has been stuck in another era. They haven’t been buddies with the US since the Cold War so that made life a bit tricky. The US placed sanctions on Cuba, so no American company was allowed to export goods their way. And within Cuba, the Castro-led government wasn’t too keen on people leaving either. Cuban nationals needed permission from the government to leave the island and if they stayed out too long, they might not be allowed back in.

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