A World First In Swiss Made Watches.

The 5TH Swiss Made Watches From Switzerland


Swiss Designed. Swiss Engineered. Swiss Made.

The Swiss are renowned for being the best watchmakers in the world and for creating the best quality and most enduring watches, ever.

But this came with a problem, and that problem is price.

Traditionally, well known Swiss Made brands are absurdly expensive. The Swiss being exceptionally old school and traditional have shied away from selling on the internet or direct to the customer because of their loyalty to their retailers and archaic legacy systems.

The 5TH revolutionised the watch industry in 2014 and we’re here to do it again in 2019, with 'Swiss Made' watches. Bringing the highest quality, most beautiful watches in the world, direct to you. 

After 5 years of business, we are now able to expand our offering into 'Swiss Made' watches, that are manufactured by some of the best Swiss artisans in one of the best Swiss factories, to bring you unparalleled, 'Swiss Made' watches at previously underheard of prices.

Swiss Craftsmanship Is About The Care And Attention To Detail:

Every single detail is carefully crafted - even the crown of the watch (which is used to change the time and date) has been carefully designed. 

Our custom 5-sided crown was inspired by our directors bond over vintage Omegas. Graeme (CEO) was first introduced to watches at the tender age of 7 when his late father won a vintage Omega Constellation in a game of poker - the vintage watch had a 6-sided crown; Alex's (Founder) dad also wore a vintage Omega which had a bespoke crown. 

Using Omega's 6-sided crown from the vintage Constellation as inspiration, we set out to design our own bespoke crown that connected our evolution into Swiss Made with our historical roots; the result was a beautifully balanced 5-sided crown that sits perfectly with the watch and also forms the shape of our new brand logo, including our signature Roman numeral 'V' (5) for Swiss Made. 

The 5TH Swiss Made 5 Sided Watch Crown

Swiss Precision Is An Artform. 

Our automatic watches have a mechanical movement inside, which is powered by the natural movements of the wearer creating energy in the watch, which turns all the tiny cogs and results in the watch keeping the time and the date.

There are approximately 76 different processes that occur in creating just 1 of these pieces of art. 

Swiss Made Is About A Connection To Emotion And History:
The Swiss have a history of almost 500 years in watchmaking. The functions of our new collections pay homage to this history and carry through some of the finest inventions in watchmaking history.

An example of this is our 41mm Chronograph watch, which takes inspiration from one of the first modern Chronograph watches created by Louis Moinet in 1816.

A Chronograph watch is a specific type of watch that is used as a stopwatch as well as a time display.

Pictured below is our 41mm Chronograph watch with a salmon dial from the 'Elegance Collection'. 

The 5TH Swiss Made Chronograph Watch
Swiss Watchmaking Is About Having A Distinctive Style.

Swiss watchmaking is an art form, that's why we've carefully crafted 5 unique collections that have features, which speaks to different individuals but carry the same DNA in their design.

We have The Designer Collection, The Visionary Collection, The Elegance Collection, The Adventurer Collection, and The Automatic Collection. 
The 5TH Watches Swiss Made

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This is truly groundbreaking! A world first in Swiss made watches showcases the innovative spirit and unmatched craftsmanship that define Swiss watchmaking. Excited to see how this revolutionizes the industry.
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Steve Harrison May 20, 2024

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