The 5TH Gives Back

The 5TH Gives Back

March 8th marks International Women’s Day, a day that focuses on raising awareness for gender equality. A topic near and dear to us.

To show our support, we will be donating to women’s charities from each purchase made throughout the month. We are donating $5 from every pink product sold, and $1 from any other purchase to support women around the world. These are the charities we have partnered with:

There’s Plan, a charity that supports girls in Africa who skip school or drop out when they get their menstruation as they cannot afford sanitary products and are embarrassed of accidents occurring. We believe no woman should feel disadvantaged or ashamed of her bodily functions.

We are partnering with Look Good Feel Better, an organisation that cares for cancer patients in building up confidence around their changing appearance post-treatment. As you know the 5TH is all about making the most of each moment and it is dear to us that sometimes life deals you a shitty hand and you try and adapt and make the best of those situations, too.

Our third charity is UN Women, who focus on ending violence towards women in Papua New Guinea. They provide training that helps women earn their own income and educate men in learning that violence against the opposite sex is a crime. We strongly believe that progress comes through conversation, and gender equality is achieved through mutual respect.

As you check out to pay for your new product, you get to decide which charity you want to support with your purchase and we will make sure that your donation is received where it is needed.

Join the conversation by sharing your #TimeForEquality story.

Happy International Women’s Day!

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