A Letter From Our Founder

A Letter From Our Founder

Growing up at the feet of two groundbreaking architects…


My parents first started their practice just as the recession hit in Australia. I witnessed my parents struggle to uphold their vision of creating groundbreaking spaces, whilst appeasing client requests, and providing for their family. I gained a unique insight into the inner workings of the design world and developed a drive to provide opportunities for people who’re pushing the boundaries in their respective field to have a positive impact on our lives.


First, this leads me to work for a property developer, where I was able to help bring to light the visions of different architects and artists on groundbreaking projects. The more I worked with the creative doers of this world, the more I was inspired by them, and my own creative visions started to emerge.


When I was 12 years of age, my biggest role model, my grandfather, passed away. He had been a huge source of inspiration to my family; growing up with nothing, he built a very successful business, but at the peak of the business’s success, his life was cut short. He left me his ‘vintage watch’, which I wore everyday as inspiration to chase my dreams.


When I was 3, I was in a horrific car accident, which left me with broken bones and in a coma. Due to the accident, I believed I was not as smart as others, and that I’d never amount to anything; but when I wore my grandfathers watch, it reminded me that anyone could achieve their dreams no matter their starting point.


I paid attention to my strengths and listened to the burning desire to immerse myself more in the design world. First, I started a design blog, which lead to an opportunity to begin designing, and from there, The 5TH was born. The more I immersed myself in the design space and worked with different creators, the better the results were. I had found my calling!


Our mission at The 5TH is simple, we want to connect our fans with core values that will help drive them forward; just as I felt when I wore my grandfathers watch. We also want our fans to be able to experience the prestige and heritage of the industry, without the price barriers; so we put all our efforts into designing and manufacturing the best possible products, then finding the most effective way of getting them to you.



– Founder, Alexander McBride

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