The local’s vibe: Upper East – Manhattan, NYC

The local’s vibe: Upper East – Manhattan, NYC

NYC: a place where standing out matters. So we talked to Alexandra Machover of @spurofthemoments, about NYC style, life, and some of the Upper East’s hidden gems.

Where was your 5TH shoot located? Tell us a bit about the day.

Upper East Side. We started at Cafe Jax, a cafe I used to frequent when I lived in the neighbourhood. It has a lovely garden, great coffee, and my favourite — Dough Doughnuts. After our cafe trip, we ventured toward the park to capture some quintessential UES vibes. Think taxi cabs on Park Avenue, gorgeous townhouse stoops, and the Met.


What’s the Upper East like as a neighbourhood?

There are two parts of the Upper East Side – the old wealthy parts and the new younger parts. I truly enjoy exploring the old wealthy parts because the architecture is so beautiful, the shopping and food is spectacular, the art museums are incredible, and the city is super calm up there. Also, Central Park feels like a staycation. There’s always something new, yet there’s always the familiar spots.


So who is an Upper East person at heart, and what’s their vibe?

I honestly feel like an Upper East person is someone who is practical – someone who values cleanliness, convenience and space, and I mean that in the least lame way possible. Living in the UES, you have it pretty good; you have endless grocery stores, wash-and-fold laundry places, bodegas, seamless restaurants, 24 hour food, parks, movie theatres, shops, you name it. It really is one of the most convenient places to live in NYC.


Tell us about you, in a nutshell.

I’m a native New Yorker and work in Manhattan as a Freelance Associate Producer. When I’m not producing videos, I am pursuing my career as an Influencer – how cool is that!? Which essentially involves living my life and being me. I love socialising and eating great food — New York will up your standards quite a bit — and always up for more NYC adventures even after a long day of work.

NYC gives me more energy than any caffeinated beverage and is the only city I can see myself living in. It drives my career and happiness forward; I love what I do. Oh and I also sing in a semi-professional a cappella group called BLACKOUT. They’re my best friends, and making music with them is arguably the most special aspect of my life here.


What does fashion mean to you? Has it always been on your agenda?

Fashion has definitely always been on my agenda. I remember begging for a sewing machine in Middle School. When I finally got one in 7th grade, I started making my own clothing and accessories (I used a lot of my dad’s old denim). I don’t sew as much now, but I am constantly seeking fashion inspiration online.

Personal style is creative, challenging, and really fun. And it’s pretty awesome that showing off my #ootd has become a career.


NYC summer/NYC winter. Which is better and why?

Summer – it’s way more fun. Rooftop parties galore.

Who is someone you look up to, fashion-wise or other, and why?

Going to be cliche here, but I look up to my mum. She’s the smartest, most hardworking girlboss I know. I make fun of her fashion choices and help her when I can.

What are some of The Upper East’s best spots for:

  • Shopping: – Any store on Madison Ave for the high rollers.
  • Eating: – Uva, Candle 79, Bagelworks, Beyoglu.
  • Hanging out & people watching: – Central Park.
  • Wandering: – The Guggenheim.


Model: Alexandra, of @spurofthemoments. Photography by Venus Tong. Alexandra wears the Upper East watch, from our New York Classic range.


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