The local’s vibe: Tribeca, NYC

The local’s vibe: Tribeca, NYC

NYC: a place where standing out matters. We caught up with the man behind @tico, Albert Alvarado, and got a lesson in Tribeca culture. 

Hey Albert! Tell us about you.

I’m of Costa Rican descent (hence my nickname Tico). I was born in New Jersey and I’m an only child. I’m an outgoing person and very approachable. Although I’m definitely a city boy, I love the nature scene and have a big appreciation for the outdoors. I love music and I listen to EDM most of the time and I’m passionate about photography. I’m also an environmental scientist!


Wow! Tell us, what would your dream shoot involve?

My dream shoot would be a fashion shoot in Cairo, Egypt with the pyramids and camels.

How did the 5TH shoot go? 

We got shots that represented Tribeca and the watch perfectly! It was located in Tribeca in Lower Manhattan. I met the photographer, Venus Tong, at Washington Market Park. We hung out at Bubby’s Tribeca Restaurant, then made it to J. Crew “Liquor Store” and did a little bit of shopping. We then went to the Roxy hotel and took photos on the bikes that the hotel provides to their patrons, which paired perfectly with the style and colour of the 5TH watch I was wearing. 


What is Tribeca like as a neighbourhood?

Tribeca used to be an old commercial district of large warehouses and industrial buildings, but almost all have moved out of the city or shutdown. As a result, it was left with many large, historical building spaces ideal for conversion to high-end condos and lofts. It’s definitely a pricey neighbourhood.

So who is a Tribecan at heart?

I always considered Robert DeNiro as being a true Tribecan. He was one of the founders of the Tribeca Film Festival which was a positive movement because it helped people become more involved with independent films, documentaries, and acting (among many other things) especially after 9/11. Thanks Rob!


What is Tribeca style to you? Do you think there’s a stereotype?

Tribeca’s style is relaxed, with less of the hustle and bustle of other neighbourhoods in Manhattan.

What are some of Tribeca’s best spots for:

  • Shopping:  Steven Alan and the J. Crew Liquor Store are my favourite for shopping. (The J. Crew store was converted from a liquor store with a bar, to a J. Crew clothing store. They and kept the “liquor store” name and even the “Liquor Store” sign outside!)
  • Eating: Distilled is one of my favourite restaurants in Tribeca for brunch or dinner.
  • Drinking: The Brandy Library is an fantastic dim lit spot with a full bar and some very good drinks – not only Brandy. I highly recommend.
  • Hanging out & people watching: Tribeca Park is small but a great place to sit, take a break and people watch.
  • Wandering: I’d wander along West street at the edge of Tribeca to get some nice views of the water.

How do you like to let your hair down after a long day?

I like to go to happy hour after a long day. Can’t go wrong with a good margarita (with salt).


Model: @Tico. Photography by Venus Tong. Albert wears the Tribeca watch, from our New York Classic range.


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