The local’s vibe: SoHo, NYC

The local’s vibe: SoHo, NYC

NYC: a place where standing out matters. @Ilitchpeters gives us the lowdown on all things SoHo.

Where was your 5TH shoot located? Tell us a bit about the day.

We started on Spring and ended on Mercer. In between that we explored all of the alleys, surveying the vintage architecture and cobblestoned streets of SoHo.

What’s something unique to SoHo?

I think SoHo represents a piece of New York City that is still authentic at heart; it’s in all of the details when you walk around. There’s something nice about seeing the traditional architecture with baroque designs, the antique fire escapes and the beautiful streets. Very few places in NYC have remnants of a NYC that existed way before I was born – SoHo is that bridge.


Who is a SoHo person at heart?

It’s an individual who embraces the modern changes in society but has an affinity for the vintage things that came before. Someone who can carry a conversation, and bridge the gap between older generations of style, music, and art, and still resonate in modern times.

What is SoHo style to you? Do you think there’s a stereotype?

There’s been a few stereotypes that SoHo is only associated with a certain style and I think that’s the biggest misconception. You get to see the full gamut in SoHo – from the very simple minimal style, to colourful and more daring styles as well.


Tell us about you, in a nutshell.

I have been eating, sleeping, and breathing art since I was 5. And the love for it has never wavered; it’s just manifested in different mediums over time. Photography has been the latest medium I use to express myself.

So pursuing photography wasn’t always on your agenda?

It was never a part of the big picture, no. My focus years ago was in fine art and graphic design. That industry kind of set me back for a bit – photography came at a point when I had that void that needed to be fulfilled.


What would your dream shoot involve?

Oh this is a good one! (Laughs.) My dream shoot would be to do a conceptual shoot for a Björk album release. I’ve always been such a huge fan of her music and the art direction behind her videos. It would be a huge honour!

NYC summer/NYC winter. Which is better and why?

Winter when it snows! Everything just feels different when it’s completely white in the city. There’s a sense of stillness and serenity a summer day just can’t match.

What is the most fun project or campaign you’ve worked on?

By far it was shooting for Land Rover. It was a project in which I traveled from Seattle to Oregon, to San Francisco and then to Yosemite. I had the opportunity to shoot the Range Rover in all of these beautiful locations.


Who is someone you look up to in your field and why?

It’s impossible to pick one. I’m influenced by so many great artists. One in particular who I admire is Ryan Chun (@6corners), because his work with architecture and portraiture is always daring and provocative.

How do you like to kick back after a long day?

Typically either Netflix or blast some Spotify and chill!


Model: Ilich Peters, shot by photographer Venus Tong. Ilich wears the SoHo watch, from our New York Classic range.


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