The local’s vibe: Broadway, NYC

The local’s vibe: Broadway, NYC

NYC: a place where standing out matters. And the show stopper itself is Broadway. So we got chatting to @rubysriwall about NYC style, life, and some of Broadway’s hidden gems.

Where was your 5TH shoot located? Tell us a bit about the day.

My shoot took place right in the centre of Times Square between 47th and 42nd. Venus and I had a blast striding the busy streets, posing in front of what seemed like a waterfall of yellow taxi cabs, and being told off by construction workers for lingering in the centre of the road for the perfect shot – literally stopping traffic.


Explain to us what Theatre District (Broadway) in New York City is all about.

Broadway is the central hub for the theatre world in NYC; it is where actors dream of performing, playwrights aspire to have their words brought to life and audiences flock to be transported to another world.

So what is the Broadway vibe?

The vibe is certainly touristy; but there is something charming about the thousands of people looking up in awe at the dazzling lights and giant television screens having waited who knows how long, and saved all their money, to be in that moment. I also love the old school vibe that lingers around the theatres; those flashing light bulbs surrounding the production titles and stage door exits for the performers.


Do you think there’s a certain style prevalent in this part of the city?

The style of Times Square is anything goes, literally. You will probably see every type of human on these streets.

Tell us three things about you:

Essentially, I am romantic, impulsive and unapologetic.


Has pursuing fashion always been on your agenda?

I have always loved the power of fashion; the ability to physically manifest who you are and show it to the world. It wasn’t until moving to NYC that I was inspired to be more daring and truly let that power take hold.

Who is someone you look up to, fashion-wise or other, and why?

I’m obsessed with Rihanna. She rocks the shit out of anything she wears and does it with such confidence and incredible sexuality. She is the perfect example to me of a woman who is in complete control of her career and doesn’t take shit from anybody.


Key styling tip?

Wear what makes you feel sexy and free. Don’t dress to please other people.

What would your dream shoot involve?

The streets of Rome with my dog.

What do you love most about New York City?

That every morning you wake up in this city and step out for the day, anything can happen.


What are some of the Broadway neighbourhood’s best spots for:

● Pre-show dinner? – Strip House on W44th Street for a killer steak

● Post-show cocktails? – Bar Centrale on W46th Street .

● People watching? – The big red steps on 47th street overlooking Times Square.

Model: @rubysriwall. Photography by Venus Tong. Ruby wears the Broadway from our New York Classic range.


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