Thanks for the amazing support from all who entered. Here are some of our favourite comments from those who entered:


‘I really need this set because I love the design on the watch and the glasses are so classy. It is defiantly a need for summer.’ – Yasmin


‘I want to start wearing a watch to teach my daughter the time. No other watch compares, obviously!’ – Stacy


‘I need the box set so I can have the coolest accessories at Sugar Mountain!!!’ – Georgia


‘Watch and sunnies are summer festival essentials – gotta be on time and glare free to make sure you see all there is to see!’ – Sarah


A perfect style add-on for any occasion, why wouldn’t I want one?’ – Victor


‘The 5th watches and frames are gorgeously minimalistic and perfectly fit my style. They also fit me personally as I was born on the 5th of October.’ – Anne-Fleur


‘Hey i need the 5th box first of all this wrist watch “” the fifth “” the design is perfect simple and attractive it will match the color if my clothes i hope you choose me thanks for this chance’ – Ghita


‘I want to look as elegant and gorgeous as your watches. Need them to make my look completed :)’ – Cristina


‘I need it to complete my accessories to be well dressed in my suit’ – Franz


‘I need this 5th Box Set in my Life!!! I need this to feel more me, more alive more lit.The 5th products just make me feel this way! Pick me I’m ready to be the eye catching girl’ – Janet


‘I love the simplicity and timelessness of your watches. I live by your motto; time is what we make it.’ – Kay


‘I think everyone need this! Because you will look stunning and it is pratical at the same time! No sun anymore in my eyes and from now on I will be on time! Thanks’ – Michelle


‘I would love a 5th box set because they are the most beautiful and stylish watched out there it would be so great to win one thanks so much’ – Ellia


‘I absolutely love the design and style of The Fifth time pieces. Never owned a watch from The Fifth, but I would absolutely love to own one with this Box set! – Andrea


‘I’ve yet to come across a more effective message – or better aesthetic – aligning with my journey to simplify than that of the 5TH brand.’ – Anna


‘I need a 5th Box set because I have been thinking of what Birthday gift to get my mother but when I saw this box set I taught that this would be a perfect gift for her.’ – Hilary


‘It’s my best friend’s 21st soon and she’s always wanted one of your watches (she loves your sunglasses as well).’ – Christele


‘The 5th Box is a great accessory to any outfit or moment in life why wouldn’t I want to add to the collection!’ – Sarah


‘I need a 5tf box set because I love the brand and I currently don’t own any good watches. I would really like to win!’ – Lena


‘I want that 5th box because combines old school with new school and makes it unique for me.Keep up the good work THE5TH’ – Christos


‘The box set will make me look like a million without having to spend a million.’ – Anthony


‘Winning this prize would be an absolutely amazing birthday gift! The quality of these products are out of this world. If I won one of these sets, I would wear the products with pride!’ – Amy


‘Got a bag and notebook from the 5TH, and I NEED the Box Set to make my style complete!! Please!! Thank you!!’ – Huey


‘Love the styling of 5TH, its the best watch I have ever owned and being greedy I would love two plus some frames.’ – Tessa


‘I really need to have the Melbourne Minimal to complete my collection and some nice frames to top of the outift’ – Tom


‘I need a 5TH box set because it’s the quality and the brand that aspires me to be fearless. I would love to explore life with the 5th as my gems.’ – Syaza


‘This would be amazing! I’ve never had a good watch or sunnies before. This would be so good’ – Oscar


‘5Th watches, the most versatile watch, for me its the perfect watch for everyone,I would love to have this,show it to the world’ – Oliver


‘I am getting married and need a new watch and sunglasses to start anew in the new year and my new marriage. I want to look hot.’ – Sophie


‘It’s an amazing and classy addition to any outfit all year round which would be perfect for the start of the new year’ – Veronica


‘I always wanted your watches and I haven’t had the chance to buy one and I also need it because this month it’s my birthday’ – Roberto


‘I’m absolutely in love with my upper east watch, I can’t wait to start adding more to the collection, this would be a great kickstart for me.’ – Katie


‘Because now I’ll finally have matching frames to go with my favourite branded watch. Cruising through time in style’ – Abby


‘The only thing im missing in my life is this little box of goodness!’ – Chloe

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