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How to nail the perfect gift?

The oldest tricks in the book. Plus a few.

Firstly: think carefully about the person you’re buying for. What would they love to own or experience, but would never buy for themselves? A trip to the moon? A rare bottle of vintage red? A 5TH watch? These things make the best gifts. Also, attach a heartfelt written note. It always goes down a treat, we promise.

What’s their style? Neutral colours, quirky and colourful, or monochrome for life? Get them something that complements their style. If you and your fave are alike, and their style is similar to yours, choose your personal favourite.

Style shouldn’t break the bank. So decide what your budget is and revisit your list of choices. Buy whichever thing suits. When it’s delivered, wrap it up nicely.

Then, enjoy the gift of giving. And all the smiles. Remember, more money doesn’t mean more happy, it’s the thought that counts. Maybe send them on a scavenger hunt, or hide the present in your special place. You know the one.

Beyond all the other things happening in your life, spending time with your faves is what brings real happiness.

So go and nail giving the perfect gift. And remember: time is what we make it.

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