Our Team Retreat w/ Riparide

Our Team Retreat w/ Riparide

Wake up. Reach for your phone. Jab at your screen to turn off your alarm. Cocoon yourself in your blanket, squinting at the screen as you scroll through Instagram to start your day. Sound familiar? We took off a few hours own the highway to go on a team retreat in one of Riparide’s adventurous living getaways.

Our behavioral patterns have been so heavily influenced by the likes of Instagram and it’s other equally as addictive social circle. Our dialogue, too. How many times have you heard somebody use the word ‘hashtag’ in a sentence? From the moment we open our eyes to the last thing we see before we roll over in bed. What else has been affected by Instagram’s reigning influence?

Like the travel industry maybe? Half of my news feed seems to be creative people in incredible locations, having the time of their lives. How are people planning and booking the travels that I see as I’m scrolling through the ‘gram?


We made it to Kalimna Falls!

‘Riparide’ is a Melbourne based crew that have dedicated their lives to evoking the kid within all of us. The inner child who intuitively immerses themselves in nature and lets their imagination run free. This small team of adventurers turned business partners built a digital platform that allows you to book experiences and accommodation in some of the most picturesque landscapes across Australia. We’re in the age of juice cleansing and paleo diets. But we live amongst social media’s chaos, so we’re calling this concept ‘The New Digital Detox’.

Some of our very own 5TH Fam have been using the platform to book their travels, and most recently we have too! Our team went on it’s own little digital detox at a Riparide getaway in Bells Beach. Yoga, hikes, waterfalls and campfire Smores were all activities we used to bring us back to the ‘here and now’ and connect, without a hashtag or an @.

‘The New Digital Detox’ is the perfect combination of a few key elements to ‘time well spent’:

  1. Presence and mindfulness – The aesthetic of curated spaces, inspiring and facilitating some wholesome downtime.
  2. Pulsating heartbeats – The thrill of exploration and stumbling upon a waterfall or swimming alongside some friendly marine wildlife.
  3. Disconnecting to connect – Letting your Instagram DMs fall by the wayside temporarily and connecting a little less to wifi so you can be in the moment with the people around you. Most importantly, yourself.

The intention behind our little getaway was to build greater connection. To engage in experiences that allowed us to connect with ourselves and the things that we innately loved from childhood. Connecting with friends and fam over some time well spent. This is what our retreat looked like:

Patch came by to run a yoga class on the deck

5TH Bells Riparide Itinerary


We went on a 2 hour hike to a beautiful waterfall that blanketed a little enclave. It was serene, it was stunning and a life force for the inhabitants of the forest around it.


We split our team into two groups for dinner duties over both nights, but we got lost in time standing by that waterfall. Sharing laughs, taking photos, breathing deeply and sharing a connected presence. So we went out for dinner at a local spot instead. The laksa was great, coconut smoothies even better.

Naturally, we ended the night getting to know each other better with a game of ‘Cards Against Humanity’. We learnt pretty quickly that some of us are more sensitive than others, some we know never to upset.


The early risers were curled up on the couch with their bed socks and laptops, getting in a couple of hours of work prior to our yoga class. We laid out our makeshift mats on the balcony and had our instructor Patch take us through a series of flows that helped us to connect to the beautiful scenery around us. The house stayed pretty quiet until our meeting.


Team meeting! We gathered around a whiteboard and made plans for our New York Pop-Up.

Which took us into dinner time.

We ended the night with a bonfire and some pretty inventive ways of making S’mores.


With all those creative minds in one place it was only right that we work together to create something. We broke off into small groups and challenged each other to who could take the best photo with our new Weekender bag.

We met for lunch and convoyed home, back to reality.



Thanks to Marlon and the incredible humans at Riparide for having us. Lose an hour browsing their incredible destinations and adventures.

Nat enjoying some hammock time

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