Muller Hut – Mount Cook, New Zealand.

Muller Hut – Mount Cook, New Zealand.

Would you quit your day job to travel through the world’s most scenic landscapes?

It’s a job and frankly, somebody has to do it. Meet Cath from @mydetoxtravel.

Cath is a former model and stylist who put her fashion fantasy aside to explore the possibility of becoming a travel/adventure photographer and art director, documenting her travels as a full-time profession. Cath’s latest adventure took her Mueller Hut, a hiking trail in New Zealand that’s both jaw-droppingly picturesque and utterly brutal to climb. The question we’re all asking, Is the scenic incentive sufficient to get a curious globe trotter through to the end of a gruelling adventure?

After climbing just over 2000 steps, Cath hit the snow line. A feeling of familiarity for the Canadian born travel blogger. A word of caution to anyone who’s already itching to visit New Zealand, the winter conditions make an already trialling experience all the more difficult.  


The ice laden stairs were unstable, very steep and slippery. So far, her surrounds were motivation enough to keep her tracking.


Cath reminds herself on every journey to look back at the scenery and not to forget to take it all in. So, in true adventure seeker fashion, she keeps her camera tucked away in her bag while she climbs. Remembering that the pictures you get out of a trip are “just a bonus, not a goal”.


After four hours of hiking uphill in the snow, Cath finally reached Mueller’s Hut! She welcomed the contrast of a warm, cosy and comfortable interior for a brief moment before heading back out to brave the cold, exploring and documenting her journey. Despite blowing winds and frozen fingers, Cath barely felt the discomfort.


This is what happens when you do what you love I guess.


A 5am alarm signified the commencement of another day living the dream, she reminded herself as she peeled out of bed to start the ascension of Mount Oliver.


Cath describes her experience as one of the coldest yet most memorable she’s ever had in her life. A surreal and freeing experience.


“Nothing else mattered but being there in the moment, feeling every fragment of light, wind and scenery, feeling alive and in peace with who I am.”


The scenic incentive was indeed sufficient to get a curious globe trotter through to the end of a gruelling adventure. Beyond that, motivation found Cath along the way, through pristine moments of clarity, purpose and freedom.


So, 5TH Fam, where’s next on your list?


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