Meet: Alex – Found of The 5TH

Meet: Alex – Found of The 5TH

Alex McBride is founder and director of The 5TH. He’s probably the least scary boss to exist, ever. Over a cup of coffee, The 5TH Journal found out a little more about his day-to-day activities and what makes Alex tick.

So, Alex, how does your day usually start? Climb a mountain? Jump out of a plane?


Hahaha not always! For me, there’s nothing better than experiencing big thrills; surfing a new wave, starting a new adventure, travelling somewhere remote. But, I can’t start my day like this always. Usually, it’s hitting the alarm at 5.30am and getting into the gym – I’m a morning person, and I like to start my day with a productive morning. After the gym, it’s a coffee, and then straight into work to start the day.


What has been the most rewarding experience since you started The 5TH?


To walk into work every day, and see friends, family, and just genuine cool people working away in a space you’ve created is a pretty awesome and rewarding thing.

What’s the toughest lesson you’ve learned since launching The 5TH?


Growing quickly has been difficult, and structuring a team through quick growth can be hard. I’m an ideas-driven person with a pretty free-flowing attitude, and I’m also more of the creative type; meaning I tend to have more of an emotional response to certain situations. So, the toughest lesson has been learning ‘you can’t do everything’, and you need to surround yourself with people who fill in your gaps. Luckily, I’m surrounded by an awesome team of people, that has a mix of creative doers and analytical thinkers.

A really good tool I used to help identify my strengths and potential blind-spots is:


What’s the best piece of advice you could give anyone who wants to become a designer and start their own business?


My advice to anyone is to just trust your gut; you know more than anyone what you want to do, so just go for it. There will always be differing opinions and not all of those opinions have to align with your way of thinking. If you’ve got an inkling about something, or a burning desire to do something, just go for it, and don’t hold back! Just know, the result you’re after might not come straight away, but hold strong on your vision because it will.



What are your two faves/necessary clothing items?


First, a 5TH watch of course 😉 I’ve got quite the collection and I like to mix it up with the different look I am going for that particular day.

Second, a good pair of kicks.


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