Introducing: The 5TH Frames.

A launch with a bang!

On Saturday the 5TH of November, we held a thing. The thing was to launch our brand new California-designed, Italian-made sunglasses range: The 5TH Frames.

The pop-up event took shape as an open casting call, in our worldwide search to find the stars of our upcoming ‘5TH Hall of Frame’ campaign.


Held in Melbourne, Australia, the range of Frames were brought to life via a one-day test shoot. Guests selected their favourite style and got posing in our set up studio shoot with renowned fashion photographer Emily Abay, and on-point stylist Meggy Smith. We had hair and makeup artists on standby, ensuring everyone was looking schmick.


Photographer Melissa Cowan and our videography team Good Grief Productions were on set to capture the vibe of the day. If you missed it, see the BTS footage here, and the full photo album here


The versatile Frames are classic silhouettes inspired by cinema greats. The 5TH Frames are proudly brought you by The 5TH.co. To view the collection, click here, or follow our Instagram: @The5THFrames and #5THHallofFrame. Make sure you’ve logged in and preloaded your cart so you don’t miss out at the next release. 



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