Here To Win

Here To Win

Celebrating Lifes Golden Moments.

Our LTD017 release is one of our most exciting releases to date. It will see us drop two new watch designs along with a range of jewellery created in collaboration with renowned Australian Jewellery designer Amber Seats.













For this release ‘we wanted to create pieces that made people feel powerful when they wore them; like they could achieving anything’, so we got in touch of one of the biggest girl bosses in the Jewellery industry to collaborate on some jewellery pieces that fitted this. That person was Amber Seats.







For Amber, it’s been 5 years in business, and whilst over 50% of businesses fail in the first 5 years, Amber Seats is thriving. She’s truly is living and breathing her brand. We sat down with her to talk about how she’s done it.


‘Hard work and determination.’


That’s what it takes to make it, Amber shares with us. “I try not to let anything get me down. Obstacles are inevitable in business, but I view them as boulders to climb over, rather than letting them roll over me.”


This release is about two partners driven by the pursuit of excellence coming together to create something new. It is the combination of a range of exceptional over 5 years that lead us here. ‘Our pieces are also cherished, but we want the pieces offered at this release to transcend material value and take on a more personal meaning’. This meaning is about ‘success’; being a reminder to work hard for that success, or to celebrate a milestone.


When talking with Amber we realised she has been surrounded by an inspiring family all her life. A family that had to re-start their life and build success from nothing. By telling Amber’s story and by sharing Amber’s work and ours, we hope to inspire you to achieve success at whatever you choose, too.  


So Amber, who inspires you most? We ask.

“My family has and continues to inspire me every day. My grandparents escaped the Holocaust and emigrated here when they were young teenagers. Built a hugely successful wholesale business and when they finally retired at the age of 82 my mother took over the family business.”


What is your current source of inspiration and why?


“I have always been inspired by history, travel and architecture. I also love to draw from the natural environment, this is seen across all my designs, from the gemstones in my early collections to the pearls in my most recent collection, In Fair Verona.”

Being a woman in business. What does that mean to you?


I was lucky to have the support of my family when I started my business, especially my mum who is a strong businesswoman in her own right. We are now a female-dominated business which I believe is something to be proud of. I believe in supporting the woman and showing the world what we are made of. The biggest advantage is that I get to work with colleagues I classify as friends every day.”


Why did you choose jewellery design as a career?


“I was and still am obsessed with collecting designer vintage jewellery. So I guess it started there. However designing fashion and accessories is in my blood, 3 generations… It was my destiny.”


Great businesses aren’t often built overnight. At what point in business did you feel like you were going to be successful?


“Running a business takes a lot of strength and resilience. It took time and a lot of patience to get where I am today, and it is something I am very proud of. It’s hard to say if there was an exact moment when I felt I was going to be successful, but when my jewellery was first picked up by stores internationally I felt that I had reached a level of success I never expected.”


Where is your jewellery currently stocked? How many stores?


“My jewellery is currently stocked in over 160 stores worldwide. It is sold in stores such as Anthropologie, Free people, David Jones, Revolve, Debijenkorf, Shopbop…just to name a few. We stock our jewellery in major department stores as well as small boutiques worldwide.”


Here To Win – Releasing September 5.

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