Get to know Bilbao

Get to know Bilbao

It’s not just wine country and outrunning bulls in Northern Spain! Once known primarily as an industrial port city, Bilbao has reinvented herself as a center for modern art and architecture. We loved it so much that we designed a collection from it!

Bilbao ticks all the boxes – a love for quality, classic style, modern design and of course, affordability. With his compass set on discover, Alex took to the streets to uncover the most iconic aspects of one our new favorite destinations.

Here are the top three things you’ll love Bilbao for:

“A city where the bold architectural elements speak of their time but exist in perfect harmony with the cities heritage.”
– Alex McBride

The architecture

Bilbao has a super rich history, most recently the seafaring town became a well sought after holiday destination for culturally driven travellers across the globe. Why? It’s unique architecture. There’s a stark contrast between the different styles. The super vintage, super chic old Basque buildings and the more modern additions to the city, that became the draw card for the spike in tourism.

Walking through Bilbao is like walking in and out of time travel portals. From the past, to the future. Alex found his presence standing beside the Guggenheim Museum, referred to as “the greatest building of our time” by Philip Johnson. This building was a major investment, designed to inspire and initiate change.

“A city where the bold architectural statements such as the Guggenheim or Web Bridge feel like an outgrowth of years of investment in urban planning rather than a catalyst for change.”
– Alex McBride

The “Bilbao effect”

The “Bilbao effect” is the idea that by building a world class institution, you can breathe new life into your city. Attracting greater investment, tourism and create a unique culture based on iconicism.

The Guggenheim Museum is indeed iconic, and did just that. Breathing new life into its surrounds, and our 5TH office! We were so inspired by the story of Bilbao’s transformation and world renowned design. So we created a whole range around it. Our Bilbao collection release is in two days. So you can give your wardrobe the Bilbao effect. Breathe new life into your closet with The 5TH!

“A city where design matters.”
– Alex McBride

The fusion of culture

New life was breathed into the city, but old habits die hard. Taking a walk through the eclectic streets, lined with old fashioned buildings and iron clad design alike, Alex was taken aback by the small town sentiments. Time was at a stand still, like small country towns but just around the corner are some of the world’s most recognised and acclaimed buildings.

Skyscrapers fill the city. Green mountains are the contradictory back drop, and the people were warm and inviting like the neighbours at your country side family cottage. A little disorientating? Maybe. But with the towering, Frank Gehry-designed Guggenheim nearby, Alex was never lost for anything other than words.

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