Let’s Take A Trip To Cuba (No, Seriously!)

Let’s Take A Trip To Cuba (No, Seriously!)

Havana, Cuba
November 8 – 12
5 nights, 4 days
$2,295 Earlybird

We’re teaming up with Latin America travel specialists El Camino to get you into Cuba for a curated, once in a lifetime adventure.

Come travel with us on a guided trip through Havana. Manoeuvre through the colourful landscape in a typical vintage car. Keep off the beaten path and immerse yourself in the Cuban rhythm through their world renowned expression of Salsa and Jazz.

Experience 5 days and 4 nights spent in the Cuban climate on a guided experience through Havana with a photographer to capture the many moments and memories. Last but certainly not least, enjoy a gift bag of goodies from The 5TH and some of our brand partners to keep you looking fresh and fly whilst you vacay like a seasoned travel blogger.

A trip to Cuba is a step back in time, protected from technology and thriving in human connection.

Cuba Travel

Spend 4 nights and 5 days in complete cultural bliss and sensory heaven. We’ll make sure you walk away with plenty to reminisce on, we’re sending a photographer and videographer to capture your memories so you can focus on what really matters.

Some of the 5TH Team will be joining you in chasing epic sunsets, great beats and amazing experiences with new friends (and stocking you up with fresh styles of course!).

Day 1

SETTLE into your private casa ran by a local host.

CONNECT with fellow travelers while surrounded by a melodic surprise

RELISH in a massive lobster dinner at a homestyle paladar feature

Day 2

TRAVERSE Havana in a classic convertible tour

STIMULATE your creative mind observing Cuban art studios and exploring Centro Havana’s unique design

TAKE IN the famous Havana sunset over rooftop libations

DANCE the night away at Vedado’s contemporary art district

Day 3

ENGAGE in conversation about Cuban living with locals over morning mojitos.

TWIRL through a private salsa lesson at an Old Havana salon.

ENTERTAIN. Be captivated at an eccentric, late night drag show.

Day 4

WANDER Old Havana as we explore some of our favourite finds

REVEL in a celebratory dinner with new travel companions

TEST your best salsa moves alongside your teacher and some of Cuba’s best dancers.

Day 5

TRANSPORT to José Martî International Airport.

RETURN inspired and energized by Cubano culture and its vibrant people.


We’re putting this exclusive tour group on with our friends El Camino, specialists in Latin America travel and one of few tour companies licensed to take Americans into Cuba.

Book a trip to Cuba – Why not!

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