Welcome to the 5TH view on the world. Fashion, travel, and lifestyle; our inspiration and aspirations; bucket lists, playlists, and everything in between.


A Letter From Our Founder

Time well spent. I’m tipping that means something different to you than it does to me. I love that. I love that our souls are fuelled by different things. If there’s one thing that I’ve learned from working with so many amazing photographers, adventurers and creators over our little journey so far, it’s that time well […]


Architecture, fostering creative and the 5TH

Alex McBride was happy in his day to day work. He wore a suit, showed up to a beautiful office, and worked with innovative minds on bridging a gap between thought and reality – what many would only imagine as a dream. Growth and development are the crux of his life, in work and personal affairs. […]


RIP to the forty hour work week

Rest In Peace to the forty hour work week. There, I said it. You won’t be missed. “Work smarter, not harder”. A phrase we’ve become so familiar with, without really understanding what it means and how we can apply this principle to our lives. A few more hours at the tail end of every day […]


Aki’s back! So we went on a trip to Tokyo.

Tokyo Lets Go – A metropolitan oasis. A city like no other. It’s Tokyo! Its madness and chaos. Its 20 city’s inside one big city. Each suburb is full of high rises and has its own individual culture and identity. There’s Harijuku which is bright, colourful and quirky, Shibuya which is loud, busy and full of […]


Have your heard of these 5 experiences?

‘Time to’ newsletter, from Kyah. Hi there, 5TH fam! My name is Kyah and I’m the newest recruit to the team here at The 5TH. I’m personally responsible for giving you itchy feet, the travel bug and a serious case of wanderlust. Please direct all complaints from your bosses elsewhere. Each month I’ll drop you […]


In a crazy frame of mind, we jumped out of a hot air balloon!

If there was somebody who embodies our mantra ‘time is what we make it’ it would be Lewie (@lewiee1). From travelling the world, to setting up school’s in Kenya, to working in remote locations around the world, to doing TEDX talks to inspire others, to taking risks and trying things a little on the crazy […]


Photo diary: a journey to Sefton Bivouac hut

Cath Simard (@mydetoxtravel) knows how to spend her time. Canadian-born, she quit her job as a fashion stylist and model, leaving Quebec to travel the world and explore each and every national park around the world. We linked up with Cath to explore her adventure to Sefton Bivouac, the oldest hut in Mt Cook National […]

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