Flying over the Napali Coast in Kauai with @mydetoxtravel

You may recognise Cath Sim best as @mydetoxtravel. Cath creates daily inspiration, as spends her time well, seeking the most amazing views that planet earth has to offer. Today she took us on a journey to Kauai, Hawaii. Here’s what happened: From the moment I saw the ridges of the Napali Coast in Kauai featured in a National Geographic […]

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By 5TH ambassador @callme.harry. If you are a golden hour lover like I am, then Santorini is the place for you. Sunrises and sunsets on the most iconic of the Greek islands are magical. After doing a bit of exploring, you’ll soon find out that Santorini is a lot more than just the Oia village. I put […]

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Cigars, food and the Cuban spirit with Don Lopez

Every great city in the world has a standout Cuban food truck. Hidden behind trade restrictions since 1958, many of us only know Cuban culture through its food. With travel becoming slightly easier in recent years, we’re only now beginning to discover more about a country full of pride and deep tradition. We spoke with […]

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Let’s Take A Trip To Cuba (No, Seriously!)

Havana, Cuba November 8 – 12 5 nights, 4 days $2,295 Earlybird We’re teaming up with Latin America travel specialists El Camino to get you into Cuba for a curated, once in a lifetime adventure. Come travel with us on a guided trip through Havana. Manoeuvre through the colourful landscape in a typical vintage car. […]

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RIP to the forty hour work week

Rest In Peace to the forty hour work week. There, I said it. You won’t be missed. “Work smarter, not harder”. A phrase we’ve become so familiar with, without really understanding what it means and how we can apply this principle to our lives. A few more hours at the tail end of every day […]

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