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About Us

We are THE 5TH: a fashion X lifestyle brand focused on delivering carefully-considered, stylishly executed pieces, designed to make you look and feel great.

The products we offer, people we work with, places we go, things we do, all centre on a common goal: inspiring people to want and get more out of life. To go after what you love. And to make the most of every moment. Because worse than finding out, is wondering ‘what if?’

Our story is made up of many narratives.
And we’d love to add yours.

Who we are


Our crew is motley. Our skills are mixed. Our interests are varied.
And we wouldn’t have it any other way.

What binds us together is a shared outlook on life and likewise, a love of living it; together; apart; and occasionally a little bit sideways. But no matter what we’re doing, or where we are (physically), we stick together. And knowing we can depend on each other anywhere, anytime, every time, gives us the confidence to keep setting our goals higher. Constantly.

Basically, we love what we do.
And more than anything, we love sharing it with you.

You could be anywhere on the web right now. But you’re here with us. And we appreciate that.

Time is what we make it.

How we do

What we do

Time is a universal currency.
Something we all have.
Something we all use.
Something we all spend differently.
All we want, is for everyone to spend it well.


Work with the manufacturer.

We’re good friends.


No middle

Sorry buddy.


Sell directly
to you.

To your home, office, hotel, literally wherever.

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Where We've Been


06 : 16

Something new is coming.

You read that right. The 5TH Watches is one thing. The 5TH is another. Stay tuned.

05 : 16

Relaunch of The 5TH.

The 5th of the 5th was a big day. An exciting new platform to better engage with our fam.

04 : 16

The 5TH moves house.

A new and more open work space. More natural light. Pot plants aplenty.

03 : 16

The team hits double digits.

A welcome influx of new people and talent.

02 : 16

Time for: new products.

The time had come to expand our range. To offer something more. Question was, of all the ideas on our pinboard, which should we put into production?

01 : 16

New year. New friends. New ideas.

Lots of new friends and influencers = collaborations and a crazy amount of inspiration.

12 : 15

Christmas & Birthday combined.

We just turned one and it’s Christmas time. So we invited some 5TH Family members to join us for a party. Merry times ;)

09 : 15

NYC Range released.

A new line inspired by one of our favourite cities.

07 : 15

The team doubles in size.

When it comes to the team, we experienced no growing pains, only growing gains.

06 : 15

Give what you get.

We’re so thankful for all the support we receive. And when the opportunity arises, we pay it forward. To date, we’ve planted trees for World Environment Day (over 500 of them) + raised money for Nepal, and breast cancer awareness.

04 : 15

First Photoshoot.

A camera, not many clues, and a whole lot of fun.

02 : 15

More the merrier.

A cousin joins our core team. Welcome: Angus.

12 : 14

The 5TH goes live.

A nervous laugh.
A website pushed live.
A huge response.
*rubs eyes*
A dream now a reality.

11 : 14

Waitlist of 6000 people.

We talked, we listened, we discovered lots of people were interested. They supported us like family. So we called them: The 5TH Family.

07 : 14

First Product.

We had a brand, and message to share: time is what we make it. And what better way to remind people, than with a watch; a 5th watch.

01 : 14

Birth of a brand.

Good friends. A phone call about collaborating with talented people. An idea: The 5TH.


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